The Moscow city court quashed the decision of the Basmanny court of capital under the claim of Olga Cecinas to “Novaya Gazeta”, which previously stated that the claim contains irregularities. Now the action will take into consideration, said on the newspaper’s website.

According to”Interfax”, the court made the decision on 6 October. The Moscow city court returned the claim to the district court with instructions to there accepted the statement of claim to manufacture.

Olga Sechin has addressed to court with suit about protection of honor and dignity on 15 August. But the Basmanny court of Moscow has left without movement the statement of claim until August 31, offering until this day “to eliminate the petition defects”. On the appointed day, the court accepted the amended complaint.

September 2, Basmanny court rejected the claim of Cecinas due to the fact that it had not eliminated the deficiencies in full.

Lawyers Olga Cecinas believe that the author of the publication “the Secret “Princess Olga”: As the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin is associated with one of the most luxurious yachts in the world?” Roman Anin and editor in chief of “Novaya Gazeta” Dmitry Muratov violated their client’s right to privacy. In his statement of claim the wife of the head of “Rosneft” asked to oblige the newspaper to cancel the article, as well as to destroy the circulation of the newspaper from August 1, 2016.

October 10, Basmanny court of Moscow satisfied the claim of the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin on the protection of honor and dignity to the “Novaya Gazeta” and journalist Anya’s Novel. The businessman through the court demanded to remove from the site of the newspaper publication about a luxury yacht St. Princess Olga, which, as reported by the publication, from time to time resting his wife Olga Sechin.

The court ordered the “Novaya Gazeta” within five days from the entry into force of the court decision to publish on the website and in the print room disclaimer the information presented in the article the journalist anina “Secret “Princess Olga.” Newspaper decision appealed against.

1 August in “the New newspaper” has appeared the publication that alleged new wife of a top Manager of the oil giant were repeatedly seen on the ship, the appearance and the routes which match the exterior and the movements of the yacht St. Princess Olga. This ship is at the 72nd place in the ranking of the 100 largest yachts in the world.

“Novaya Gazeta” argued that companion the head of “Rosneft” name is Olga Rozhkova. Edition found her profiles in social networks Facebook and Instagram. According to sources close to the company “Rosneft”, Rozhkova worked in the government, when Sechin was Deputy Prime Minister. The publication also documented the fact that the girl in 2011, changed his name, becoming Cecinas. The newspaper did not publish the document, in order not to violate the law “On personal data”.

A comparison of the monthly salary Sechin with the cost St. Princess Olga allowed “to the New newspaper” to presume that the head of “Rosneft” could not afford to buy this luxury vessel. Given how often Olga Sechin spends time on a yacht, it is unlikely that her husband could rent a boat.

Earlier in a press-service “Rosneft” did not give thorough answers to the questions of “Novaya Gazeta” about St. Princess Olga. However, the company said about the “obvious custom campaign” being waged against “Rosneft” and its head. In addition, representatives of the oil giant announced the intention to file lawsuit against “Novaya Gazeta”, TV channel “Rain” and other media for the dissemination of materials that contain inaccurate information.

In April 2016, “Rosneft” submitted the claim to the journalists of the RBC media holding for an article headlined “Sechin asked the government to protect Rosneft from BP”. The material was published on 11 April on the website and in the newspaper RBC, he was also heard in the TV channel RBC. The lawsuit became the founder of the newspaper RBC – LLC “BusinessPress”, the authors of the article Maxim tovkaylo, Timofey Dzyadko and Lyudmila Podobedova, RBC and presenter Konstantin Bochkarev.

Initially, the company demanded only the denials contained in the publication information. In September it became known that in compensation for reputational harm “Rosneft” wants to sue 3,124 billion.

The Moscow city court ordered the district court to take action Olga Cecinas to “Novaya Gazeta” 27.10.2016

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