The Moscow city court on Tuesday, August 8, modified the decision of the Basmanny court on the expulsion from Russia of the correspondent “New newspaper” Ali Feruza (Hudaberdi Nurmatov), decided to suspend it until the proceedings on the complaint of the journalist in the European court of human rights (ECHR), reports TASS.

“The decision of Basmanny court on expulsion Nurmatov from Russia to change. To Supplement the decision of the court the paragraph on suspension of execution of the decision in connection with the decision of the European court of human rights to apply rule 39 of the rules of court”, – stated in the court’s decision, which cites “Interfax”.

Previously, the ECHR applied to the journalist of urgent measures under rule 39 of the rules of court, whereby any movement from the territory of Russia is prohibited until a decision on his complaint in Strasbourg.

According to the decision of Moscow city court, until consideration of the complaint to the ECHR Nurmatov will be in the temporary detention Centre for foreign citizens. On the eve of the member of the Public oversight Commission (POC), Eugene Enikeev said that in the convoy from the court Feruza beat and used a Taser to him.

Ali Feruz in 2008, fled Uzbekistan, he claims, because of the torture and threats to employees of the national security services of the country. In 2012, Feruz lost his passport and since then has unsuccessfully tried to legalize their stay in Russia. Live here his mother, brothers and sisters, they all have Russian citizenship.

Feruza was detained August 1, near the edition of “Novaya Gazeta”. On the same day the Moscow city court found the journalist guilty of violating the regime of stay in the country and decided to expel him to Uzbekistan.

In court Feruz tried to slit his wrists with a pen to get to the hospital, but the police officers prevented his actions.

On 4 August the European court of human rights urgently imposed a ban on any transfer of Feruza during the whole time of consideration of his case to the ECHR, in which they may be granted asylum in EU countries.

The editorial office of “Novaya Gazeta” appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin not to allow the deportation of Feruz, a large part of life is connected with Russia, but the Kremlin said that can not close eyes “on a number of violations that occur”.

Feruz twice asked for asylum in Russia

August 7, Monday, the Moscow city court has started consideration of the appeal on the decision of the Basmanny court of Moscow. At the meeting of the lawyers of the journalist pointed to the fact that Feruz is legally in Russia, wrote “Novaya Gazeta”.

The defense stressed that in the present case, absent an administrative offense, and he Feruz was in the process of obtaining the status. Moreover, the recent decision to refuse to grant temporary asylum he received on may 2 and a three-month period challenging due to expire only on August 3. Despite this, the decision on exclusion was made on 1 August, said the lawyer.

The journalist said that already twice tried to obtain refugee status but was refused. He again applied for refugee status immediately after the ECHR as an interim measure forbidden to expel him from Russia. Feruz said that he could not return to Uzbekistan, where he was subjected to torture and persecution, and from where he escaped in 2008. When submitting documents, he has repeatedly indicated that its removal poses a threat to his life and health, and violated articles 2 and 3 of the Convention on the protection of the rights and freedoms of the individual.

Before the detention, the journalist filed an appeal against the refusal of the interior Ministry to grant him temporary asylum in Russia. Before the court complaints Feruz could legally stay in the country.

The Moscow city court suspended the expulsion from Russia of the journalist Ali Feruza 08.08.2017

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