“The most hated man of America” – preying on medications for HIV-infected businessman Martin Shkreli, was sent to jail, reports France24 , citing AFP. Shkreli has failed to convince the court that his threats against Hillary Clinton was just a joke, and wait for the next meeting he will be in prison. It was appointed only on January 16.

In August Shkreli has recognized guilty of fraud, but was released on bail of $ 5 million.

Soon, however, he had to attend the court in another case: because of alleged threats against former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Last week Shkreli promised to pay $ 5,000 to anyone who would bring him a wisp of hair from her head. Clinton now holds a tour in support of his newly released book.

Shkreli at the trial tried to explain that his words were misunderstood. The lawyer also submitted it to the court or jury as a misunderstood genius.

Judge Kiyo Matsumoto, however, assessed the situation differently. She saw the words Shkreli direct threat, which created difficulty for Clinton and her security detail. And withdrew the pledge, thinking that the businessman should sit in jail.

Firm Shkreli, Turing Pharmaceuticals “famous” scandal of medicine daraprim, which is used in the treatment of HIV and AIDS. Turing Pharmaceuticals acquired the rights to manufacture it, and then raised the price of the medication with 13.5 to $ 750 for a pill. Did the therapy inaccessible to many patients, and Shkreli became a symbol of greed.

AFP notes that, despite the lack of connection to the current process with the case of Turing Pharmaceuticals, the court was extremely difficult to find unbiased jurors to hear about the threats against Clinton.

“The most hated man of America” sent to prison 14.09.2017

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