In Ekaterinburg there was a scandal after a traffic conflict 35-year-old businessman with a pregnant woman, a car which he stopped on the road and, according to the victim, struck her a blow in the face. The police opened a criminal case, the suspect’s mother, a senior official of the regional Prosecutor’s office, has resigned.

As reported LifeNews, senior public Prosecutor of management of the state office of public Prosecutor in UrFO Dmitry Serebrennikov has told that Tamara Malafeev, the mother of the suspect Boris Malafeev, submitted the official report about dismissal from a post of the chief of Department of Prosecutor’s office for supervision of procedural activities of the UK Sverdlovsk region.

“Tamara – honorary worker with an impeccable reputation. Unfortunately, she has already submitted the official report about dismissal. In the current situation, she found it impossible to continue to hold the position for society to not have any thoughts that it tries its name to be saved from the deserved punishment of his notorious son,” said silver.

The incident occurred in the center of Yekaterinburg. 39-year-old Evelina Murzina did not let the driver of the Audi A7 35-year-old Boris Malafeev, who tried to change from right lane, cutting her left. He overtook the car, stopped it, went to the door and started shouting at the woman. According to the victim, he damaged the mirror, kicked the car door and hit her in the face. Murzina is on the 19th week of pregnancy.

Yekaterinburg portal reports that criminal proceedings were instituted under article “the Beating inflicted from hooligan promptings” by which the maximum penalty is five years imprisonment. “The case is already being investigated. The decoy set. Now it is planned to conduct the necessary investigative actions and conduct confrontations. Investigators collect evidence. On that basis, the case will be sent to the world court”, – said the head of the press service of the Sverdlovsk police Valery Burnt.

Boris Malafeev holds the position of Director of “metallurg-Ural”. In the past he worked as an investigator of the Prosecutor’s office of Kastrychnitski district of Ekaterinburg. In 2011, a Lieutenant Colonel of militia Igor centre on the website of the police Union told about how he was tried, and argued that “the investigator Malafeev B. B. hid me justifying documents, so I was not able to prove his innocence”. Bloggers have suggestedthat this was the reason for the change of place of business Malafeev.

I should add that at first Malafeev denied his guilt in the incident with a pregnant woman, despite the fact that the Internet was published a video with the Registrar, which shows that the suspect is aggressive. According to him, the woman he was cutting, resulting in a child being in the car, hit: “I do not consider myself wrong. If you behave on the road like chicken, why should I risk the health of your child due to the fact that she had this condition? Where I drive and fly?”

“I was riding in the middle row, and the woman was driving in the right lane. I wanted to regroup, but this same machine at the speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just raced along the row. I had to brake urgently. The child began to cry. After that, I caught up with this car and changed lanes in front of her,” said Malafeev. In an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” he already meets more restrained: “I’m wrong, because I got out of the car and gave the woman all that I think about it. What more is there to say? I couldn’t help it”.

“I do not justify, do not disavow responsibility for what is happening, but what always write that I beat up a pregnant woman, is nonsense. First, I didn’t know she was pregnant, I found out about this a few hours ago. Secondly, I’m just not used violence. I struck on iron. I really want to contact the victims and to apologize for his brash behavior,” he said.

The mother of the suspect in the beating of a pregnant woman-the driver in Yekaterinburg resigned from the Prosecutor’s office 18.08.2015

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