British writer J. K. Rowling on the eve of the day gave a press conference about new movies on her book “Fantastic beasts and their habitats”. According to her, the audience will find the characters familiar to them in previous strips based on the story of Harry Potter.

Fans of books about Harry Potter are expecting the second episode of the prequel “Fantastic beasts and their habitats” appearance of the young Albus Dumbledore, for the Director of Hogwarts. Rowling herself back in 2007 told about the nonconventional sexual orientation of the great magician, although in the books and the film adaptation does not say this.

At a press conference, the writer said that the new films are planned to reveal more details about the private life of Dumbledore, according to Variety. Asked by journalists about the orientation wizard, Rowling replied: “I’m happy with. I want to say that because the story is in five parts, there’s a lot that can be said in this regard”.

The writer said that the viewers will see Dumbledore’s younger and quite a troublesome person. “We’ll see him in the formative period of his life. That is not unconnected with his sexuality,” said Rowling.

Also, the writer said that Harry Potter is not in the movie because “he was not born” in that period, will talk about new episodes. Moreover, Rowling stated that she should continue to write books. “I feel strange, if not to write. Obviously, I have no more need to write. I love it so much. If I didn’t, I would have a feeling of amputation. I have to write,” he explained to his fans the author of the novels about Harry Potter.

Earlier it became known that the famous actor johnny Depp will guest star for two parts of the picture “Fantastic beasts and their habitats”. It was reported that the Hollywood star will play the dark wizard Gellert of Grindelwald. It is not excluded that it will be about his relationship with Dumbledore.

In addition, Rowling appeared on the eve of the world premiere of “Fantastic beasts and their habitats”, based on her eponymous book, reports AceShowbiz. On the show also came starring British actor Andy Redmayne, accompanied by his wife and his colleagues on the project, including Katherine Waterston, Ezra Miller, Zoe Kravitz, Jon Voight and Ron Perlman.

The woman that started it all! We’re so excited to have #JKRowling with us in NYC tonight at the premiere. #FantasticBeasts

The movie “Fantastic beasts and their habitats” by the book Rowling talk about Dumbledore’s orientation 11.11.2016

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