The one-man army John Rambo is ready to return to the big screen, declared The Hollywood Reporter. However, contrary to expectations, 70-year-old Sylvester Stallone will not have to re-tie the hair of the red tape – the project started without him.

Last year, sly has announced a series with this name, which he was going to shoot for Fox, Draco preparatory phase was delayed and the owners of the rights to the former “green beret” can’t wait to return weary hero in the international rotation. According to new information, Nu Image/Millennium Films has decided to restart become a classic franchise. It is already known that the script was entrusted to Brooks McClaren, and the Director’s chair is former Israeli pilot Ariel Vromen, which account for two significant paintings – “a Criminal” and “Ice”.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Studio intends to make Rambo the new James bond, marking the beginning of a new franchise. As for Sylvester Stallone, at the beginning of the year, he admitted to Varietythat he is not ready again to get into the skin of a retired commando. “The heart is willing, but the body says stay home,” – said the hero of the militants. When Stallone asked one of the young actors he would like to see in his role, he chose Ryan Gosling, which, in turn, was shocked that his idol knew his name.


The movie “Rambo: New blood” has gotten a Director and screenwriter, but lost Stallone 31.10.2016

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