In Moscow the investigation of the daring murder of the Armenian citizen, who was shot from a Kalashnikov next to the school in the Lithuanian Parkway. According to the preliminary version, the deceased and his compatriots took revenge for a fight with crime boss GMOs Viper. He never recovered from his injuries.

Although in a criminal case there were “mafia-like” trace, investigators can’t see the last kill of the manifestation of war crime and talk only about the domestic dispute. It was attended later murdered Armenian citizen and thief-in-law George Shirinov, nicknamed Gyurza GMOs, reports “Rosbalt” , citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

“The usual story – two tipsy company had a fight. A fight broke out”, – the interlocutor explained.

In the end, GMOs Viper had been badly beaten. 31 October, he drove the car home in a Prominent, where the thief-in-law fell a few times. The victim then lost consciousness and slipped into a coma. Two days later, the Viper died in the hospital, wrote “Prime Crime”. Cause of death was traumatic brain injury.

“It is difficult to determine whether the fatal injury received during a fight, or when falling of the house. Most certainly the first,” – said a source in law enforcement bodies.

It is known that Shirinov was beaten by a group of immigrants from Armenia. However, relatives and friends of the deceased kingpin refused to cooperate with the investigation, saying that “will understand”.

No sooner had the operatives to establish the identity of the participants of the fatal fight, as the murder took place in the Lithuanian Parkway. We will remind, the body of the citizen of Armenia (according to the press, his name was nick) was found at night on November 24 at the house of N11 in the Lithuanian Parkway. 300 metres was found abandoned a Kalashnikov.

As found by the investigators, the victim drove up to the house on a dark BMW. When the man got out of the car and closed the door and ran up the killer with a gun. As it turned out, the perpetrator of the murder and his accomplice ambushed the victim sitting in a parked Land Rover. Shooting the victim the suspects fled the scene in a hurry and damaged the car taxi.

40-year-old native of Chiatura George Shirinov named GMOs Viper was crowned less than a year ago. He was part of the Mingrelian clan, “the lawyer” Merab, Sarala (Bake). The latter is known for brutal massacres his opponents as “thieves” environment, and beyond.

Most influential clan of Saelua made soon after the death of his patron Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan), who was shot and killed in Moscow by a sniper in early 2013. Son-in-law Bake – “the thief in the law” Gela Kardava tried to declare the claims in the place of “boss of all bosses”, which was occupied by the Grandfather Hassan. Kardava held a mass for the coronation of his proteges, were involved in the attack on the influential thief in law Eduard Asatryan (Edward Sturgeon). But then Gela detained and expelled as an illegal immigrant with a five-year ban on entry.

In the end, the place of the “king of Russian mafia” went to Zechariah Kalashov nicknamed Shakro Young.

We will add that after the death of his Grandfather Hassan a criminal war is not ended, but “lawyers” were killed outside of Russia. This trend was interrupted by the death of a Viper.

The murder of Armenian citizen in Moscow, considered a revenge for the death of the kingpin of a Viper 26.11.2016

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