In Belgium killed the employee of security service of NPP “Tihange” which the media had previously called the original purpose of the Brussels terrorists. When the murder was stolen his badge, according to the tabloid La Dernière Heure. The EU coordinator on counter-terrorism Gilles de Kerchove on Saturday confirmed that there is a risk of terrorist attacks against the Belgian NPP.

According to the Belgian publication, the employee of security service of NPP “Tihange” was murdered in Charleroi Thursday night. La Dernière Heure with reference to sources in police reported that a member of the NPP was killed while walking the dog. “Crime had gone completely unnoticed in the media, but sources in the local police confirmed that it pass, giving access to the station was stolen,” claims the tabloid.

Earlier the edition informed that the Brussels terrorists had intended to commit sabotage in Belgian NPPs, but had to change targets because they were cornered by the police in the result of intensified raids and arrests of the group in Brussels. The attacks occurred early Tuesday morning. If indeed the murder be related to the activities of terrorists, it will show that some members of the group at that time were still at large.

As recalled by TASS, the day of the murder of a security guard, NPP channel RTBF reported that 11 workers NPP “Tihange” authorities seized the pass at the station in the last week – that is, after the arrest in Brussels of the chief suspect in the terrorist attacks in Paris abdeslam of Salah – member of the same group that made the 22 March explosions at the station and Brussels airport.

In the Belgian capital Brussels on March 22, occurred a series of explosions. Two occurred at the international airport at about 08:00 local time. The third explosion occurred in the subway at the station “Malbec”. 31 people died, 300 were injured of varying severity. Responsibility for the attack took on terrorist group “Islamic state” (DAYS), banned in Russia.

Belgium has two NPP “Tihange” and “Blew”. Immediately after the terrorist attacks in Brussels as a precaution after the terrorist attacks evacuated part of the staff of the two nuclear power stations in the country. In addition, security services have increased NPP by about 200 military.

In the EU guidelines acknowledge the risk of terrorist attacks

There is a risk of terrorist attacks against the Belgian nuclear power plants, said the EU coordinator on counter-terrorism Gilles de Kerchove in an interview with La Meuse – a local newspaper southern region of Belgium, where NPP “Tihange”.

He emphasizes the high risk of cybertelecom: “New technologies allow even individuals to commit terrorist acts on a massive scale. Five years ago attempts were made to introduce in system of remote monitoring and collecting information on the management of nuclear power plants, aviation control or motion control on the Railways”. (Quoted by TASS.)

Answering the question about the ability of Belgium to respond to cyber threats in this area, he replied that he doubts the ability “to anticipate and stop a serious attack” and that there is sufficient awareness of the risk involved in this field by the enterprises of the Kingdom.

The murder of the employee of the Belgian NPP, which was called the goal of the terrorists, stolen his badge 26.03.2016

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