Ukrainian public organization “Civil case “Azov” announced the creation of a political party called “national body,” the first Congress which will be held in Kiev this coming Friday, October 14, reports “Russian service of BBC” with reference to the official website of the organization, which is blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation at the request of the Russian authorities.

The “initiative group of a new political party composed of members of the public organization “Civil case” Azov “, the veterans of the regiment” Azov” the National guard, volunteers, patriots of Ukraine”, – explained in the organization.

On October 14, in addition to the first party Congress, scheduled March “Azov”, timed to the day of “the Ukrainian Cossacks, the Ukrainian insurgent army (banned in Russia) and defenders of Ukraine”. The March, which organizers called the “March of the nation”, starts from the monument “mother Motherland” in Kiev.

Recently, the leader of the regiment “Azov” Andrew Biletsky has announced the creation of a new political force, but he could not explain what the party ideology is and whether it will participate in parliamentary elections. Yet his intentions are limited to the unification of the party “conscious, active people, volunteers, businessmen around the idea of building a new Ukraine,” the Ukrainian portal “News”.

The special unit “Azov” was formed in the spring of 2014 as a volunteer battalion to protect the national interests of Ukraine on the background of destabilization of the situation in the East of the country and the annexation of Crimea to Russia. The battalion was composed of the activists of Euromayday and ultras and nationalists.

In “Azov” also joined the representatives of the Russian nationalist organizations, such as members of the Misanthropic Division (“Misanthropic division”, MD). Currently SK the Russian Federation investigates criminal case, instituted against the founder of the MD who is a citizen of Belarus Dmitry Pavlov.

The nationalists of the civil case “Azov” announced the creation of a political party 13.10.2016

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