The Prosecutor has returned on additional investigation criminal case against the oppositionist, the head of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny is suspected of libeling a former investigator MIA Pavel Karpov, reports “Interfax” with reference to Navalny’s lawyer Vadim Kobzev.

“Today the investigator told me that the case was returned by the Prosecutor to eliminate violations,” – said the lawyer of Navalny. The defender does not know what violations they are talking about. TASS Kobzev said that the Prosecutor returned the case to violations that prevent its transfer to court. The lawyer said that after their elimination the case may again be submitted for approval to the Prosecutor.

Protection Navalny has requested to close the case in connection with absence in actions of the opposition leader of the offense, but the inquiry, according to Kobzeva, rejected the declared on the basis of acquaintance with the materials of the case the petition and sent it to the Prosecutor.

In July, the Lublin court of Moscow has confirmed legality of excitation of this business, and the Moscow city court rejected Navalny’s complaint, demanding to recognise illegal the conduct of the search of his apartment on June 1 in the framework of the same criminal case.

Karpov vs Bulk

The case for sections 2 and 5 of article 128.1 (“Defamation”) of the criminal code against Navalny was initiated by the Department of the interior Ministry in the area of Marino in may according to former investigator MIA Pavel Karpov. The grounds were five references to it in the video called Russian untouchables (“the untouchables Russians”), which tells about the involvement Karpov to the death of the employee of Fund Hermitage Capital of Sergei Magnitsky in 2009.

Karpov, enabled the European Parliament to sanction the”Magnitsky list”, insists that in 2015, the Meshchansky court of Moscow found the above information untrue, but Navalny has continued to promote it in your blog and on the website of “Echo”.

4 June 2015, the Moscow city court ruled to recover from the Fund Hermitage Capital founder William Browder and the head of Firestone Jamison Firestone eight million rubles in favor of Karpov for his claim about protection of honor and dignity. Previously, Karpov has filed a suit about protection of honor and dignity in petty-bourgeois court of Moscow, and that he was awarded 100 thousand rubles.

Sergei Magnitsky was arrested on charges of tax evasion, died in a Moscow prison on 16 November 2009. His colleagues Browder and Firestone claim that Magnitsky was arrested after he uncovered corruption schemes, which was involved in some officials and officers from the”untouchables”, including Karpov.

14 April 2016, the head of RF Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin after treatment Karpov requested to check the information about the possible involvement of Browder and an unidentified employee of the secret intelligence service of great Britain MI-6 to the death of Magnitsky.

The day before on TV channel “Russia 1″ showed the film “the Browder Effect”, which focuses on the alleged meeting in September 2009 the conversation between the employee of MI-6 and Browder “about carrying out the anti-Russian information campaign and respect of the murder of Magnitsky, disguised as lack of medical care and medical error”.

Browder in July 2013 condemned in absentia in Russia to nine years of imprisonment in another case and declared in the international search.

The Navalny case of libel to the person involved in the “Magnitsky list” was returned for further investigation 01.11.2016

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