The Network published the full version in Russian is forbidden in the West film by Russian Director Andrei Nekrasov “the Law Magnitsky. Behind the scenes”.

The creation of the painting was funded by the Norwegian film Institute. The film was shot with the support from major European film organizations and media, including the Franco-German ARTE, NRK and NFI Norwegian production company Piraya Film, Finnish YLE.

In the film, lasting about two and a half hours is claimed, which is widely recognized version of death who died in 2009 in a Russian prison of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky wrong: the police did not beat him to death, it is not stated in the testimony that the police conspired to steal $ 230 million in the form of fraudulent tax refunds. The film argues that orchestrated the fraud is not Magnitsky and the head of Hermitage Capital William Browder, who has repeatedly tried to ban screenings of the film abroad.

According to the Director of the documentary Andrei Nekrasov, in the course of filming, he came to the conclusion that Magnitsky “was not killed”, and the cause of his death was poor health. As previously noted by the Director, the tape begins, “as a story about the corruption conspiracy of the Russian police officers who killed a hero and a fighter against corruption Magnitsky, quickly turned into an investigation, in real time, conflicting versions of this case.” In his lovam, magnitskaya, against the Russian officers and did not press charges against them. Earlier in an interview with “Radio Sweden”, he said he did not consider Magnitsky whistleblower of corrupt officials in Russia and that the lawyer himself, in his opinion, was involved in money schemes, previously reported RIA “Novosti”.

The premiere of the film was to take place at the end of April 2016 in the European Parliament, however, the show was cancelled. The organizer of the event MEP Heidi Hautala described the reason for the cancellation pressure from Browder, personally arrived for talks with parliamentarians. Subsequently the show was cancelled the Franco-German TV channel ARTE and the German ZDF, which, according to Nekrasov, the lawyers of Browder threatened multi-million dollar lawsuits due to alleged in the film the falsification of the facts.

In February, the screening of the film Nekrasov was cancelled at a festival in Berlin, in April in Strasbourg. A documentary by Russian Director have been excluded from the program of the short film festival in Grimstad Norway because of threats of legal action on the part of Browder.

The “Magnitsky act” was passed by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama in December 2012. The document provides for sanctions against several Russian officials.

11 July 2013 the head of Hermitage Capital William Browder was convicted in absentia and recognized by the Tver court of Moscow guilty of tax evasion in especially large size (522 million), was sentenced to nine years imprisonment and two years deprived of the right to engage in entrepreneurial activities. Subsequently, he was declared internationally wanted.

It became known yesterday that the High court in London took the unprecedented decision – to recognize the legality of the procedure of bankruptcy of the Russian company “Distant steppe” in the framework of the English proceedings and was summoned for questioning its former CEO William Browder, who was convicted in Russia for tax evasion and is wanted on charges of illegal withdrawal of assets worth over 3 billion rubles In connection with the presence of interest of the foreign beneficiaries of this legal entity, the court decided to revise successfully conducted Browder bankruptcy.

The Network published the full Russian version of the banned in the West the movie “the Magnitsky Act. Behind the scenes 12.08.2016

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