General Director of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve (VSMZ) Igor Konyshev, was appointed to this position in June 2016, and the first head of the Gorki Leninskiye Museum, ready to end the long dispute of the former leadership VSMZ with the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and return it to St. George Cathedral in Gus-Khrustalny, where, since 1983, houses the Museum of crystal. Instead, he wants to get a more comfortable room. A new concept of development, he shared with TASS.

The Museum of crystal is part of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve and predecessors Igor Konyshev – known Museum worker, Hero of labour of Russia Alisa Aksenova and replaced it on a post of the head of the Museum in 2010 niece Svetlana Melnikova, have repeatedly spoken out against his transfer, the Russian Orthodox Church.

Konyshev have another look at this issue, which he first stated publicly in an interview with the newspaper “the Vladimirskiy sheets”, published on 5 October: “To host the country’s best collection of crystal building of St. George’s Cathedral is not suitable. And it’s not the claims of the Church, and the modern requirements for placement and exhibiting this unique collection. Good we need 2.5 thousand meters modern with good light space. Therefore, the answer is simple: it is necessary that after some time at the Museum of crystal, new square, stylistically appropriate collection to this was the pride of the city, region and the whole Russia. And specifically for this object it is not that we will never give up St. George’s Cathedral, because it is ours, and that we are not yet able to give it, because the collection there is no better room. The solution lies in the creation of an entirely new Museum facility.”

In an interview with TASS he said: “I don’t see anything wrong with the Church, which once belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church, in the end, after a while would return to the bosom of the Russian Orthodox Church. I hope to force us to leave today, and now the building, no one can, nevertheless, we are still future-oriented, focused on development”.

Vladimir Konyshev told about the need to create in the town of Gus-Crystal Museum cluster, “which would show not only the history of crystal production and the history of Russia, history of the Vladimir region”.

According to Konyshev, today one of the largest in Russia and Europe, collections of crystal and glass on display in St. George’s Cathedral in cramped conditions on an area of just over 400 square meters. While approximately 40% of exhibits are stored in funds. In order to fully talk about the art Gusevsky famous glassmakers, according to the CEO, the Museum needs an area of about 2.5 thousand square meters. The future vision for the development of the Museum will be displayed in the strategy which will be completed in the near future.

According to the head of the Museum-reserve today Gus the Museum needs not only in new areas but also in reformatting the Museum space. The move to the new building Konyshev has given the Museum five years.

Igor Konyshev was appointed head of VSMZ in June 2016. Since November 2012 he was head of the Museum-reserve “Gorki Leninskie”. As reported on the website of the Ministry of culture, Konyshev led “Slides” from November 2012 and during that time made it the center of “red tourism” for visitors from China.

His position about the transfer of the collection of crystal, spoke to “Zebra TV” , the honorary President of VSMZ, candidate of historical Sciences, Advisor to the Governor of Vladimir region for culture Alisa Aksenova. “This is impossible”, – she said.

The last time an offer to transfer the building of the Museum of crystal in Gus-Khrustalny to the gratuitous use of the Vladimir diocese was made in September 2013. Then as a counterargument, the CEO reminded the Church that in the period from 1991 to 1996 the Museum was transferred to ROC 17 objects. In addition, a number of churches, including the Cathedral of the assumption in Vladimir and the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, are in common use with the diocese.

St. George’s Cathedral in its ruined state, moved to the Museum in 1974, to the restoration of the monument took seven years. The Cathedral was built in 1892-1903 with the Professor of the Academy of arts of Leonty Benois. The internal appearance of the temple is decorated with columns of labradorite, mosaics and painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “the last judgment”.

Evgeny wants to give the churches two more buildings, including the Museum of folk and applied art

Meanwhile in an interview with TASS, it follows that the Cathedral of St. George plans Konyshev not limited. He is ready to transfer Russian Orthodox Church, Znamenskaya Church in Suzdal, and Trinity Church in Vladimir – the Russian Orthodox old believers ‘ Church.

Closest to the return from the Museum to the Russian Orthodox Church, Znamenskaya Church in Suzdal, where today there is a tour Desk VSMZ. “We have already started work on considering options for a takeaway tour Desk of this building – the Church is not very big, and the area that we use today, even are not satisfactory, because the flow increases, in peak season we some days took between 70 to 80 buses, it is a very large flow through a small building difficult,” – said Evgeny. According to him, the Museum staff are in the “normal dialogue” with the ROC.

In the future, says Konyshev, the Museum may give the Russian Orthodox old believers ‘ Church building of the Trinity Church, located in Vladimir city centre, a few metres from the Golden gate. Now it is a Museum of folk and applied art of a varnish miniature, embroidery and Gus crystal. In the summer of 2015, a religious organization sent to the government a package of documents on restitution.

According to Igor Konysheva, the Museum would have gladly handed over the building to the believers, if they had options for the move. “If the Gus-Khrustalny already be something to consider, Vladimir, we’re limited by proposals to host exhibitions. I don’t see anything wrong with that, of the iconic buildings of the exposition, who do not belong to them, in the end, after a step was moved to more comfortable premises,” he said.

Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve includes museums in Vladimir, Suzdal, Gus-Khrustalny and two villages – Bogolyubovo and Kideksha. In 2014, the Museum received the estate of Khrapovitsky in Muromtsevo.

The new Director of the Vladimir-Suzdal reserve is ready to give under the Church three buildings museums 11.10.2016

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