The new government of Estonia will give the opportunity of teaching in the public schools in the Russian language, reported Saturday the Vice-President forms a new Cabinet of Ministers of the Centrist party, Michael Calvert. Delfi reports that Saturday was a signed coalition agreement and allocated Ministerial posts.

The former government of Estonia headed by the Chairman of the Reform party of Estonia, Taavi Rõivas, November 9, was dismissed after five parliamentary parties voted for a vote of no confidence to the Prime Minister. Rõivas accused of failing to take the necessary decisions for the country. The evening of the same day the Centrist party, party “Union of Fatherland and Republic” (IRL) and Social democratic party (SDE) announced the start of talks on forming a new coalition government.

All the details of the coalition agreement at the time of this writing, is not given. However, Calvert stressed that the centrists advocated the resolution on the teaching of Russian language: “We were able to convince coalition partners that this opportunity should be provided. Thus, in future it will be possible to re-request from the schools of Narva and Tallinn, thus providing in these high schools teaching in Russian”.

Russian schools in Estonia, the upper secondary school stage (grades 10-12) partially began to switch to teaching in Estonian language from 1 September 2007. In 2010 was adopted the law “On basic school and gymnasium”, according to which the ratio of subjects in Estonian and Russian languages in Russian schools of the Republic must be brought to a value of 60% for Estonia and 40% in Russian.

The law provided that at the request of boards of Trustees of schools, municipal authorities and with the permission of the government may be exceptions to this rule. In this regard, some Russian schools of Tallinn and Narva on the basis of the law applied in 2015 to the government to allow them to take advantage of this exception and leave the Russian language as the main language of instruction.

Petitions for schools were supported by the city authorities of Tallinn, however, the government of Estonia has refused to satisfy them.

The new government of Estonia will be allowed to teach in schools in Russian 19.11.2016

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