Russian banks next year will have to block transactions at the cash transfer for up to two days if the transaction appears to them doubtful. This requirement is covered in the new version of the bill on combating the theft of money that has prepared and will publish next week the Ministry of Finance, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Previously, the document was written only the right, but not the obligation of the banks to block suspicious transfers. Representatives of the banking community in the majority regarded the change as excessive regulation. They fear that the block will have payments that are only formally fall under the criteria questionable.

The representative of the Ministry of Finance explained that the bill aimed primarily at protecting the interests and security of personal funds of clients. It provides the possibility of instant response and suppression of dubious translation, as well as unauthorized transactions on payment cards even before they happen.

In fact, the draft regulation represents a reserve for the creation of unified mechanism of control of banks from fraudulent transactions.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Finance, the responsibility to block suspicious transactions will be the operator on reception of payments in case if he will identify the required characteristics are the transfer of funds without the client’s consent, established by Bank of Russia.

In addition to the obligation to block questionable transfers, the banks may receive, and the additional right to freeze money. This will be possible in those cases when a credit organization will find additional signs of the transfer of funds without the customer’s consent, which are set by credit institutions on their own.

In the Central Bank newspaper said that the new norm in the draft law appeared after the discussion of the text concerned Executive authorities with regard to their comments.

The new law will oblige Russian banks to block suspicious transfers 17.11.2016

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