In the State Duma introduced a bill which will regulate the measures related to family violence. It is assumed that will create the state system of protection of people from domestic tyrants. Raising a hand against their loved ones will drive out from their homes and to give them the special provisions stated in the document.

Prescriptions may be issued either by the police or by the court. The latter has greater powers in terms of the choice of punishments. “Given the specific circumstances of the case judicial protective order can be additionally it was determined one or more of the following measures: to oblige the offender to leave the place of cohabitation with the victim for the duration of court protection orders regardless of who is the owner of the dwelling”, – stated in the bill.

Also, the court may “require the offender to transfer to the victim his personal property, the documents, if they are held by the infringer” and to compensate material and moral harm to the victim”.

Mizulina called the humiliation of the men in the family more trouble than beating women

It is planned that local authorities will create a network of centres where victims of domestic violence will be able to ride out difficult times. The police arrived on call in place of a family quarrel, will be able to take the victims under guard and taken away to the centre. By the way, the stay will be paid by the family rapist.

It can also be obliged to compensate “victims for hire of residential premises in a reasonable size, if the cohabitation of the victim and of the offender impossible.” While the brawler will put on the account and sent for psychological courses that will work with it specialists.

Protection orders issued by police, will act in the month and can be extended by law enforcement authorities. To the person who receives such a document would be prohibited to persecute the victim, to call, to come to work, look for contacts through a third party. Also the family of the rapist will not be allowed to buy and use a gun.

Another important rule, proposed by the authors of the bill, will be involving teachers in the family business. They will be obliged to report to the police on which they became aware of the facts of family violence.

According to the authors of the bill, in the country 40% of all serious violent crimes are committed within the family, marks “the Russian newspaper”. “Currently in Russia there is no systematic approach to the problem of domestic violence. The term “domestic violence” is narrowed down to the most extreme forms of this crime. Whereas in most developed countries, this concept includes economic violence, psychological pressure, and emotional abuse, Russian law, such definitions are not provided,” – said the lawyer Victoria Dergunova.

We add that the draft law prescribes such concepts? as psychological and economic violence in the family. In particular, the economic violence is “the intentional deprivation of a person of housing, food, clothing, ( … ), the ban or creating obstacles in the possession of, the use of common property (…), forced to heavy and harmful labour, including underage family member”.

Psychological violence is the “deliberate humiliation of honor and dignity through insult or slander, the utterance of threats (…) in relation to the victim, his spouse or his relatives, ex-relatives, in-laws, friends, Pets, the persecution, the confiscation of identity documents, coercion by threats or blackmail to commit crimes (…), immoral behavior or actions that pose a danger to the life or health of the victim.”

The new legislative initiative: domestic tyrants are going to expel from the houses 30.09.2016

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