American company ThreatConnect involved in cybersecurity, announced that the 26-year-old Russian Vladimir Fomenko, the owner of the King Servers company is related to the cyber attacks against democratic processes in several countries, including Germany, Turkey and Ukraine, as well as in the United States. In particular, servers that King Servers leases have been used by hackers for attacks on the electoral system in the U.S. States of Arizona and Illinois, writes The New York Times.

According to the publication, the FBI issued eight Internet addresses that were used during the attack. “Then ThreatConnect revealed that six of the eight locations was traced back to the servers that King Servers owned in Dronten (Netherlands) and possibly in other places. Fomenko also has servers in Fremont (CA), garden city (new Jersey), and Moscow”, – stated in the article, which quotes InoPressa.

Version ThreatConnect, with one of the addresses the hackers sent 113 emails in order by deceit to induce the officials of the electoral commissions and politicians from Turkey, Germany and Ukraine go through the links that downloaded the malware. This attack was carried out with one of the two addresses below, not ascending to the King Servers.

In an interview with Fomenko himself flatly denied any involvement in hacking attacks. “However, he has a tattoo from collarbone to chin, which he called a variant of the theatrical masks, a symbol of the hacker group Anonymous. He denied associated in any way with the group, and said that he just liked the symbolism of masks,” – said the author of the article, Andrew Kramer.

“If the FBI asks, we are ready to provide IP address logs. But no one asks. This is a big issue,” acknowledged Fomenko. According to him, in may he was contacted through the Internet, potential tenants, who used the nicknames Robin Good Robin and Dick. They were paid using the online payment system WebMoney.

“September 15, Fomenko issued a statement which said that he belatedly learned of the news on allegations of breaking electoral systems in Arizona and Illinois with two of their servers and shut down those servers. He says he doesn’t know who these hackers are, but it’s definitely not the Russian special services. He also said that neither Russian nor foreign law enforcement bodies never come in contact with him,” writes The New York Times.

According to the Russians, his clients have left a trace in the form of a contact page billing. He added that has the following link in the chain that can bring American investigators to hackers – about 60 IP addresses used to contact its client, a burglar electoral systems of the States.

Fomenko explained that the address belonged to a server companies in the UK, Finland, France, Italy, Norway and Sweden. According to him, he’s willing to share addresses with the FBI, if someone wants to figure it out”.

On the eve of Reuters wrote that the FBI is investigating cyber attacks on the new Democratic party USA, took place last month. According to investigators, the mobile phones of the Democrats tried to hack the hackers, “supported by the Russian government.”

Investigators also are checking, could the hackers to use the stolen data to servers the Democratic party or from your email to get access to mobile phones. Earlier it was reported that, according to US intelligence, Russian hackers may be involved in the cyber attack on the database of the Democratic party. In mid-September, the Twitter account allegedly associated with the hacker Guccifer 2.0, was published a new portion of the document of the democratic party of the United States.

The leadership of the democratic party, publicly accused Russia of organizing the hacking of the servers. The national Committee of the democratic party noted that the burglary was committed in favor of rival former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the fight for the U.S. presidency – Republican nominee Donald trump. In this earlier himself Guccifer deniedthat is associated with the Russian special services.

On Monday Hillary Clinton during a debate with trump again returned to the subject, accusing his rival that he “invited the Russians to organize an attack. Trump denied the charges and said that the Russian involvement in the incident has not been proven. Still, the U.S. government had not provided official evidence of the involvement of Russia to cracking. The investigation leads the FBI. In the Kremlin’s accusations categorically reject.

The New York Times got the name of Russians involved in the cyber attacks on the electoral system of the United States 28.09.2016

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