The new Yorker Rob Greenfield conducts an unusual action: he created a costume that you can put different things, and began to fill it with garbage, according to Yahoo! News , citing AFP.

text”>In particular, the activist gathers in costume packaging from fast food, bottles of soda and other wastes resulting from the use of different products, which are consumed by the average American.

All of this Greenfield carries. Thus he intends to place over one month. According to his calculations, he will be able to collect 135 pounds of trash.

By his example, he wants to show Americans how much garbage they actually produce. According to GrowNYC, the inhabitants of one only new York daily produce 12 thousand tons of waste. 80% of goods in USA are used only once and then discarded.

First Greenfield planned to collect all types of waste, including organic. However, later he had to abandon this idea, as organic waste begins to decompose and give off an awful stench.

Its share of the American called Me Trash (“Throw me”). Report it, he leads on his page on Facebook and channel on YouTube.

Enthusiast hopes his initiative will make people think and start to take action in order to reduce the amount of waste that they create. “Each of us can have a positive impact on the world around us, making positive changes in our lives,” said the activist website Mashable.

The new Yorker with an unusual costume wants to convince the Americans to produce less garbage (VIDEO) 06.10.2016

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