Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated with the victory of the Party leader of socialists Igor Dodon, who won presidential elections in Moldova and wished him success and invited “to visit Russia on a visit”. The losing leader of the party “Action and solidarity” Maia Sandu is going to challenge the election results in the constitutional court.

As stated in the statement published on the website of the Kremlin, “the results of the vote testify to the broad support of voters line Igor Dodon at achieving socio-economic stability in the country and building a balanced foreign policy priorities”.

Putin, as noted in an official statement, “expressed their willingness to constructive dialogue and active joint work on the development of Russian-Moldovan relations in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty on friendship and cooperation, the fifteenth anniversary of which is celebrated these days.”

He hopes to negotiate with Moscow on migrants and the return of Moldovan goods

Elected President of Moldova hopes to sign with Russia a bilateral agreement on migrant workers and the return of Moldovan goods to the Russian market. “We hope that the first official visit will be to the end of the year and we will arrive to Moscow. We have at least two questions in order to discuss and agree: it’s the return of our goods on the Russian market and solving the problems our migrants,” he stated in a telephone interview with radio station “Echo of Moscow” in the program “Turn”.

“I hope for your understanding in the solution of these problems. We have not signed a bilateral agreement on migrant workers, I hope that it will
signed,” – he said. The agreement referred to must solve the problems of migrants, including getting patents for the work, and create conditions for legal labour activity. “Plus there are tens of thousands of our citizens who have restrictions on entry to Russia. I hope to discuss this question and hope for your understanding in the solution of these problems”, – said Igor Dodon.

After the Association of Moldova with Evosoyuza in August 2014 the Russian authorities to prevent the re-export of European goods through this country, has imposed a temporary ban on imports of certain Moldovan products. Especially in Moldovan rural producers hit fruit embargo.

Was introduced customs duties on food products, meat, wheat, sugar, vegetables, alcohol, furniture and some other products. To this goods from Moldova are not subject to customs import duties, as this country had a free trade agreement.

Relations with the West Dodon’t want to spoil

Commenting on the reviews about him as a Pro-Russian policy, the Moldovan President said: “I consider myself a Pro-Moldova politician and will
to comply with the national interests of our country.” “I am a supporter of strategic partnership with the Russian Federation, but this does not mean that we will spoil relations with the West and the European Union,” said Dodon.

On the issue of Crimea, he replied: “De facto Russian Crimea. A legally – unrecognized”. But Dodon’t want to get involved in this issue: “we Have the Transnistrian problem, so take some decisions on this issue now is not worth it.”

His losing rival, is preparing to challenge the election results

The leader of the Moldovan party of “Action and solidarity” Maia Sandu, who lost the election, said they were not fair and free, and is going to challenge the results in the constitutional court, according to the Moldovan edition of the

“We demand the resignation of the CEC and the Minister of foreign Affairs for violation of constitutional rights of citizens. We will use all legal means to clarify each incident and to require the examination of individual complaints, it will have a value. We will present to the constitutional court evidence of irregularities in the electoral process,” said Maia Sandu on Monday, November 14, at the briefing.

Moldovan publication notes that it has previously called for the resignation of the CEC Alina Rusu and Minister of foreign Affairs Andrei Galbur for violations in the organization of the voting abroad.

After processing 100% of protocols Igor Dodon scored 52,18% of the votes, Maia Sandu – 47,82%. Victory in Moldova, Dodon and Bulgaria rumen Radaeva, considered Pro-Russian candidates, excited the West, where some commentators saw the incident in the attempts of Russian President Vladimir Putin to destabilize Europe.

The newly elected Moldovan President received from Putin’s invitation to Moscow 14.11.2016

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