Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin, formerly the scandalously famous for his advice to the townspeople, once again reminded of his very original way. On passing in St. Petersburg the first Annual investment forum official shared with the participants his impressions of the memoir of Joseph Stalin, putting in the example of economic development Stalinist five-year plan, according to the website of the city government.

Albina was impressed with what zero was created whole sectors of the economy, including heavy industry. “Today, according to Vice-Governor, namely quality planning, quality control and quality capital investments are critical components of success,” – said in a press release.

The speech of Vice-Governor drew attention to the ex-state Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov. “The first investment forum (he is called) in St. Petersburg. “The participants will have to identify necessary qualitative changes to increase the investment attractiveness of the city.” Out Vice-Governor Albin: “I recently re-read the 13th volume of the collected works of Stalin. The results of the first five-year plan”. Here, the investors as a run. Guess which way”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

In addition, Gudkov tried to assume, what else can you tell investors at the forum: “About collectivization? About taking concessions? About a progressive system of development in the camps? While Yes, it’s the Federal penitentiary service have already told you, you can put a tick”.

He also recalled some moments of the biography and career achievements Albina as a civil servant: “the Old name of the Vice-Governor Albina – Slyunyaev. On the occasion of his departure from the Governor of Kostroma region residents staged a salute. His stewardship of the Ministry for regional development ended with the abolition of the office”.

Note that the “Stalinization” in recent years has become a kind of trend in Russia. Controversial Soviet leader set the monuments. Sociologists have documented the growth of Stalin’s popularity among citizens. Many politicians, for example, the Minister of education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva, and state Duma Deputy Yelena Yampolskaya, partly support the policy pursued by Stalin.

Odious Vice-the Governor

Albin changed his name in 2014. His new name became widely known in Russia thanks to the scandal that erupted in the winter of 2015. Then, in response to complaints of Petersburgers on the quality of public services, the Vice-Governor, responsible for unit housing, advised the citizens not to be lazy and to do their own snow removal in the courts, because “work ennobles man”.

Later, he even showed an exampleby cleaning the snow in the yard of the house where lived the writer Sergei Dovlatov. After the scandal with the official, fixed definition of “odious.” Outraged by his advice the people of Petersburg organized the collection of signatures for the resignation of Albin, but to no avail.

Note also that Albin is not the first time participates in investment forums. In March 2015 he was the head of the delegation of St. Petersburg at the international exhibition of commercial property MIPIM in Cannes, reported in the”pink news”. In 2016 Albin watched the exhibition. As reported by the media, he arrived in Cannes for family reasons. According to “Interfax” version, in the budget of Petersburg there was no money for the trip.

Albin and Poltavchenko have different opinions of the situation with foreign investments in St. Petersburg

Note also that St. Petersburg authorities have different opinions of investment climate in the city. So, in July on the website of the city administration cited the opinion has been relaxed about the fact that the dynamics of the investment process together with the national trend goes negative. In the I quarter of 2016, the volume of investments in fixed capital organizations in Saint-Petersburg amounted to 84.3 billion rubles, the index of physical volume of investments – at the level of 96,1%. The national average investment decline is estimated at 4.8%. Reduced foreign direct investment.

In this situation, it was proposed “to increase the efficiency managing the investment process, to stimulate investment in the real economy, actively develop and introduce new technologies to promote business”, “work offensive, proactive, efficient.”

Meanwhile, on 24 October, the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko said that currently there is strong interest in St. Petersburg by foreign businesses: “Foreign companies not only do not cover their projects in Saint-Petersburg, and Vice versa – declare their readiness to expand them.”

According to him, at the end of 2015 the amount of foreign investment in St. Petersburg totaled $ 7.5 billion. This is significantly less than the record index of the city in 2013 year (13.43 billion us dollars), but a billion dollars more than in the prosperous pre-crisis 2007 (6.3 billion dollars), said Poltavchenko during the announcement of the Investment message (quote from the website of the city administration).

The odious Vice-the Governor of St.-Petersburg on a meeting with investors, he praised Stalin 25.10.2016

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