Moscow police held on the eve of a large-scale searches in the office of the Russian public organization disabled war in Afghanistan (“war Invalids”, OOOIVA) in the case of embezzlement. According to themselves of veterans, investigators were primarily interested in their leader Andrey Chepurnoy, who in April at a meeting in the Kremlin has complained to Russian President Vladimir Putin, another leader “Afghans”, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Franz Klintsevich, accusing him of spreading information about the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin as the successor of the President.

Investigative actions were carried out in the Central office of the organization about nine in the morning until seven in the evening, told “Kommersant” representatives of “Disabled veterans”. The search was attended by members of the GSU at GU MVD of Moscow region, which was accompanied by “a whole platoon” Riot, noted the sources.

The result was withdrawn just one cardboard box with documents. Moreover, the bulk of papers were taken from the office Chepurny.

The head of the organization, according to colleagues, was in business trip. To a summons for questioning for his employees refused. The two heads of “Invalids of war” – Valeu Saifullina and Gennady Saksonova – handed summons with a call on interrogation as witnesses on Tuesday, may 16.

Investigative actions were carried out in the framework of the criminal case of a particularly major embezzlement (part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code) committed by unknown leaders OOOIVA and of the center of regenerative therapy of them. Villain (TPS) in 2014. Initially, the materials it was embezzlement of budget funds for the repair of two private apartments in Moscow. According to some, is in the business now for several such episodes.

In the research Affairs of the Moscow region held a search called regular ongoing work in the framework of the ongoing investigation so as not to give it much importance. However, the police recalled that in January of this year has withdrawn the documentation of TPS.

The “war Invalids” two explanations held search

The representatives of “Disabled veterans” connect the past with the search, two events. First, two days later, should be a conference where you have to choose a new leader for the next five years. The main applicant for this post – Chepurnoy.

Also in connection with a search warrant veterans remember the scandalous meeting of the Russian organising Committee “Victory” on April 21 in the Grand Kremlin Palace. Who attended Chepurnoy accused Senator Klintsevich that he calls the speaker of the state Duma Volodina successor of President Vladimir Putin, intimating this fact, representatives of the organization “war Invalids” and officials. “You know, verbally rings and scares in the regions of our members, leaders and officials, saying that soon will be President Volodin, will give immense powers Klintsevich and Klintsevich all objectionable just roll up and buried alive in the grave,” complained “Afghan” the head of state.

Also chepurna said Klintsevich uses the administrative resource and attempts to destroy the organization “war Invalids”. The head of the veterans noted that the Senator has organized 67 checks OOOIVA, “which found no significant violations, but Klintsevich insisted and continues to assert that it is necessary to put these people.”

The head of state directly at the meeting instructed first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Kiriyenko to examine this issue. Veterans do not exclude that “the police have decided to finish the job, while senior officials have not ruled”.

Klintsevich told “Kommersant” that has no search-no relation. “But I am sure that the criminal case of embezzlement is only the beginning of a large-scale investigation in the organization Andrei Chepurnov,” suggested the Senator.

It should be noted that the words Chepurnov of intimidation on the part of Klintsevich, the Kremlin did not consider the reason for any checks. “The President clearly responded to the story,” – said the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

Klintsevich since 1995, heads the Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan. Their conflict with Chepurny lasts not the first year. The Senator claimed that after he initiated the audit of use of budgetary funds by the leader of the “war Invalids”, it was “running controversy” with his alleged unpaid vacation in a departmental sanatorium. According to the suit filed by the “veterans” in this case, the court sought with Klintsevich 285 thousand rubles.

The office of the “Afghans” complained Putin to intimidate the successor Volodin, searched 16.05.2017

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