The only living person on Earth who finds the nineteenth century, a resident of Italy Emma Morano blow out today, November 29, 117 candles. She will be celebrating her birthday in the Italian Piedmont.

The eldest of eight children, Emma was born a month before the end of 1800-ies, when in Italy the rules of Umberto I, and the football club “Milan” there was just a few weeks. As writes La Croix, today her face was still pretty and allows you to imagine how beautiful Emma Morano was young. It takes journalists, sitting in the big chair in my living room and wrapped in a colorful shawl.

Longevity at Emma Morano in the blood – her mother is Swiss, has lived up to 92 years old, and sister passed away on the turn of the century. However, the main secret she calls a special diet is followed for about a hundred years. After the First world war, the doctor found Emma anemia and recommended eating three eggs a day, some meat, fruit and vegetables. She never tried cigarettes and wine and its 117 years, remains optimistic. And jokes that her long life was contributed to a short marriage.

Emma says she’s only loved one person in his life, Augusto, who was a hunter in the Alps. He disappeared during the First world war, and she was forced to marry Giovanni, who lived next door. In 1937, their only son died at six months of age, and a year later, Emma decided to break up with her husband, who every day beat her. At that time in Italy was prohibited divorce, and the couple remained formally married until 1975, when Giovanni died.

Life Emma Morano worked at the factory jute bags, and was assistant chef in the school. As noted by La Depeche, to 115 years. refused to help with the housework, but lately she never leaves the bed.

Mrs. Morano defies all the accepted advice on healthy lifestyle, leads the BBC the words of Carlo Bava, watching unique patient for 27 years. Despite this, he admits, Emma seems to be eternal.

Of the eleven popes who she knew Emma Morano prefers John XXIII, who took the Holy see in 1958 and dubbed “Red dad” for softness toward the Communists and preaching peace during the cold war. None of the three kings, who ruled Italy at the time of her life, not impressed with the statue, but of the twelve presidents she emphasizes Giorgio Napolitano, who in 2011 was awarded to Emma Morano is the title of the dames of the order of merit before the country.

Mind the oldest woman in the world remains acute, says NDTV, but she could hardly hear and barely see. That, and the fact that Emma Morano left his two-room apartment for 20 years, hurt her to see the play “a Woman who has seen three centuries,” which in honor of her birthday show at the local theater.

The oldest inhabitant of the Earth celebrates her 117th birthday 29.11.2016

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