More than a hundred medals of the Olympic and Paralympic games held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, returned to the organizers from-for appeared on them black spots and rust.

Brazilian mint will correct the defects, and is a minimum of 130 medals, mostly bronze, and return rewards to their owners.

“The most common problem is that the medal was stored improperly, resulting lacquer was gone, they started to rust or began to appear black spots in the damaged areas. Second, approximately 10 medals was the problem, as they have been subjected to extreme cold. This is absolutely normal,” – said the representative of the organizing Committee of the 2016 Games Mario Andrada, whose words are quoted by R-Sport.

Just for the Olympic games in Rio was made 2488 medals. Silver and bronze awards by 30 percent consisted of recycled materials.

The Russian national team at the 2016 Olympic games has won 19 gold, 18 silver and 19 bronze medals.

The Olympic medals, Rio began to rust, they begin to return to the organizers 20.05.2017

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