Commissioner for the protection of human rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova encouraged to build in the country jail. Needs modern facilities in which attorneys can meet with their clients without the long queues and “lot”, which is now the defenders have resorted to the small number of rooms for communication. About this Moskalkova said in his article in the newspaper “Izvestia”. In her opinion, the FPS is constantly advocating about improving conditions for prisoners, but the Ministry of Finance always replies that there is no money.

The queue of lawyers in jail, says Moskalkova, “as if in mockery” has replaced the Soviet queues for the deficit. “Low bandwidth most of the jail does not provide the conditions of employment of lawyers with their clients: a maximum of 20 people per day,” says the Ombudsman. Most detention facilities in Russia are outdated, and they are not provided with approved in 2001, the rules on the number of classrooms for meetings. “No one is surprised that the lawyers in front of the jail draw lots to allocate a queue for a date with clients, – says she. – Difficulties with access to lawyers at the detention center violate the constitutional right of suspects to a lawyer, the Lawyers still have to literally fight to prove that defendants have (a right) from the moment of detention.”

Adds load and that the insulators are crowded. “As of April 8 of this year in detention centers of Moscow, contained 11909 people, which is 47% higher than the limit. This is because the courts have the force of law when making decisions on detention should not, by law, to consider the limits of filling the detention centers,” says the Ombudsman.

In addition to the construction of the new jail, the Commissioner suggested a number of other measures. It is necessary to “create and make greater use of electronic queue”, and “seldom take a measure involving deprivation of liberty.” “Many years of judicial practice shows that for people who do not represent social danger, is quite sufficient on his own recognizance or house arrest. Of course, as fast as we would like, will not solve the issue, but to start with something,” – said Moskalkova.

It is also recommended to listen to the proposal of the legal community “at his own expense to deliver in the prison yards special trailers to date”.

Completes Moskalkova article that points to constant attempts of the Federal penitentiary service to improve the conditions for suspects, accused and convicts, who encounter resistance financiers: “It is the leadership of this service (the prison) is constantly putting this question before the government, and especially to the Ministry of Finance. One answer: “no Money!”… There is no money. Crisis. But the problem you need to solve. Maybe not as fast as I would like, but necessary.”

The Ombudsman Moskalkova urged to build more jail 17.11.2016

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