The owner of the Ukrainian TV channel “112 Ukraine” Andrey Podsypku at the beginning of the year due to political pressure” he applied for political asylum in Belgium (he lives there), but it became known about it only now. On this edition of “media Detector” said Viktor Zubritsky, former creative producer of the channel, who is wanted on charges of involvement in the dispersal of the Maidan in 2014. On the website of the TV channel posted a message stating that the Ukrainian authorities put pressure on the editor, and the deprivation of TV channel broadcasting licenses already considered by the court. The national Council on television and radio broadcasting in 2015, conducted an inspection of the channel, issued several warnings, and then tried to withdraw the broadcasting license by the court.

26 Sep is wanted and suspected in embezzlement of budget funds MP Oleksandr Onyshchenko from London, the publication said Strana.uathat the President Petro Poroshenko in 2015 tried to buy the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. “If you start saying that this isn’t real, I still have a bunch of correspondence with Sergey Berezenko (Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” – approx. and Makar Pasenyuk (Director of the Ukrainian financial group ICU, dealing with the management of various assets) on the details of a future agreement,” – said Onishchenko.

The Deputy in interview to the edition “Ukrainian truth” to the question, why now he is talking about it, he replied: “Because now the channel raider trying to capture, the channel owner has opened a criminal case and selected channel”. He did not elaborate on what criminal case was going on. Note that in October 2015 in the office of “112 Ukraine” conducted a search and seized all computers and digital media in the framework of the criminal case initiated under article 209 of the criminal code (legalization (laundering) of the incomes received by a criminal way).

In the administration of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko refuted the statements Onishchenko: “the Information spread by fugitives who have problems with the law do not correspond to reality and aimed at diverting attention from the investigation against these persons.”

The people’s Deputy from BPP Sergey Berezenko in turn, said that did not conduct any negotiations about purchase “112 channel”. To the question, does the President buy the channel, the MP said: “This is nonsense”.

Businessman Makar Pasenyuk told reporters that he did in 2015 was discussed with the Deputy Alexander Onishchenko the purchase of TV channel “112”. “I do in may 2015, met several times with Alexander Onishchenko on his initiative because, in his own words, he planned to their advantage to purchase a 112 channel, and referred to me as an investment banker to assess the asset and to structure a potential transaction on acquisition of asset,” said Pasenyuk.

According to him, the meeting between the potential buyer Onishchenko and Andrew Paddypower (the owner of the channel “112” ) revealed that Podsypku decided to sell the asset.

“Onishchenko’s statement that “Pasenyuk proposed to execute all off-shore company, which then resurfaced in the Panama scandal. Namely, Prime Asset Partners Limited” is nonsense and a lie,” added Pasenyuk. He said that the company is Prime Asset Partners was created with the aim of transferring appropriate shares of Poroshenko’s Roshen Corporation to the trust.

As noted, Pasenyuk was engaged in the transfer of the shares of the President Poroshenko Roshen Corporation in the so-called blind trust (blind trust).

According to sources the authors of the idea to buy a television stand friend Poroshenko Igor Kononenko and close to it the media Manager Dmitry Nosikov. The latter is credited with the idea of creating a media-holding, which would unite under one roof the presidential three leading news TV channel “5 Kanal” TV channel “112” and NewsOne (owned by opposition MP Eugene Moore).

As noted may 27, 2015 Director General of TV channel “112 Ukraine” Andrey Podsypku said that “feels active attempts to select a channel from the government” that is manifested in the form of pressure from the National Council on television and radio.

In particular, Podsypkoj stated that “in recent years, the pressure from the national Council was temporarily suspended on the orders of people who, on behalf of the country’s leadership came to me with a proposal to “give” the channel is at a lower cost. He refused to sell channel Pro-government businessmen”.

According to one version, the Ukrainian media, 100% of the shares of TV channel “112” belong to its owner and CEO of Podsypku. According to another version – he owns only 0.01% of the shares of the channel, and the remaining shares are held by the wife of Viktor Zubritsky, the former creative producer of the channel. In addition, several media outlets called the real owner of the TV channel the former Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaly Zakharchenko.

The owner of the Ukrainian TV channel “112 Ukraine” has asked for political asylum in Belgium 27.09.2016

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