Known worldwide restaurant chain Buddha Bar faced problems in Russia. In Krasnoyarsk a school with the same name was accused of insulting the feelings of believers, and in Tyumen and Kemerovo regions, the Prosecutor’s office has already admitted the institution in violation of the law on advertising and the rights of citizens.

Information about the incident in Krasnoyarsk originally appeared in social networks. The lady named Natalia Myazina said in his account on Facebookthat a complaint against the school appealed to the Prosecutor a resident of St. Petersburg. The representative of the cultural capital, in particular, resented the name of the bar and a Buddha image in the interior. “The investigation is ongoing – call the religious scholar will send a request to the Ivolginsky datsan in Buryatia,” – wrote Myazina.

In turn, representatives of the bar told the news Agency of TCEs, what is written in the Supervisory authority an explanation and now waiting for the reaction. “Nothing until we do. There is an option to appeal the Prosecutor’s decision, but I hope for prudence,” said representatives of the bar.

Information about the incident appeared online on 3 November. On the same day the Prosecutor’s office of the Kemerovo region reported the results of a test performed in a restaurant called Buddha Bar in Novokuznetsk, according to the Baikal-Daily.

In particular, the Agency found that in the interior a used “religious symbol – the statue of Buddha”. In the restaurant “sold alcohol and tobacco products, entertainment evenings, dancers performing belly dancing, including on the background of the Buddha statue”. The photos from these events are placed in the Network. The placement of such photos “with a picture of a Buddha statue in a place of entertainment are negative concerning religious beliefs of persons professing Buddhism, is for their religious feelings offensive,” said the Prosecutor.

It is noted that the management of the restaurant sent to the Prosecutor about elimination of the revealed violations of the law. The findings of the Prosecutor set forth in the official response to the complaint of some V. Sanjeevi. Note that a resident of Buryatia named Valeria Sanzhiyeva is the author that appeared a few months ago, an online petition demanding the ban of “Buddha-bar” across Russia.

Baikal-Daily asserts that the claims are similar to those faced by Buddha Bar in Novokuznetsk, got informed and Buddha Bar in Tyumen. After 2013 the school was renamed the “Buddha tea”, Buddhist symbols removed. The owner promised to make repairs and make a cafe style.

Buddha-Bar – a global network of restaurants. According to the official websiteof the institution with the same name is in London, Paris, Monaco, Prague, Budapest, Cairo, Tbilisi. There is also Buddha Bar in Ukraine in Beirut, Azerbaijan, UAE, India, Mexico and the Philippines. In Russia, “Buddha-bars” operate in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yakutsk, Rostov, Orenburg, Tyumen, Taganrog, Krasnoyarsk, Novokuznetsk, Mines and other cities. In addition, in the Crimea there is a beach club with a similar name – Buddha Beach.

Note that in the summer of 2013 in Russia was adopted the law on protection of feelings of believers. Two years later – in August 2015, the poll showed that the majority of Russians consider unacceptable disrespect for the feelings of believers and put them above freedom of expression.

The owners of the Buddha Bar restaurant in Krasnoyarsk accused of insulting the feelings of believers 07.11.2016

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