The government will require all companies that manage garbage landfills, to disclose the beneficiaries. This will be done to ensure that the owners of the polygons could not hide behind a chain of offshore companies, said “Rain” Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin. So, for example, happened with the famous MSW “Kupchino” in Balashikha. The head of the city district, has resigned.

Khloponin said that the order to develop a normative act with such requirements was given at the meeting of government on Tuesday, June 27: “One of the issues discussed today, including how porechensky item is to adopt the appropriate government regulatory act deofshorizatsii of all the activities associated with actually conducting these polygons”.

Disclosure of the beneficiaries should be mandatory when obtaining a license to work at the landfill, he explained.

The problem came to light thanks to the ground “Kuchino” in Balashikha, who became famous after the direct line with President Vladimir Putin. Formally, the range “Kuchino” are owned by JSC “Caterer”. “Procurer” is owned by four companies registered in the Seychelles, and several individuals. But the real beneficiary is not installed yet, working on it investigators, said Khloponin.

“Junk history”

Polygon “Kuchino” in the village Fenino of the city district Balashikha was established in 1964 in place of the spent clay pit. The total area of the landfill exceed 50 hectares every year it took up to 600 thousand tonnes of waste. Residential houses are a kilometre away from the landfill and the village Fenino is 200 metres away, which is a violation of sanitary norms.

During the direct line with Putin June 15 residents of Balashikha drew the President’s attention to the biggest garbage dump in the suburbs – TBO “Kuchino”, located just 20 kilometers from the Kremlin. Garbage there smoldering, emit harmful substances, but local authorities do not help, complained to the people.

Putin said that he has questions to those who build house in a place where trash piled within 50 years, and assured that he would ask the Governor of the region Andrei Vorobyov and other local authorities to use all resources to solve the problems as fast as possible.

Before the end of the straight line in the regional Department of the Investigative Committee reported about the inspection in this case.

June 22, Putin at a meeting with members of the government required to close the landfill “Kuchino” within a month after he was informed that the landfill will cease to accept waste by 2019. Following this, the Governor Vorobyov has ordered to urgently stop the operation of the facility. The next morning, the landfill officially closed in the presence of the head of the Balashikha Zhirkov, the environment Minister of the region Alexander Kogan, local residents and members of the press.

The owners of the landfill in Balashikha try to install the investigators 28.06.2017

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