The former owner of Uralkali, the Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev in 2009 under section
property with his ex-wife Elena hid from her new film
collections and luxury items with the help of offshore company Xitrans
Finance Ltd, registered law firm Mossack Fonseca,
the leaked documents which formed the basis of the report of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) “the Panama document”.
This is stated on the websiteof the project.

“Dmitry Rybolovlev married Elena, a classmate, in which he
fell in love with the University in the Urals, in 1987. Over the next 20 years
the couple got two children, moved to Switzerland and made
state. Dmitry became known as Russia’s “fertilizer king”. They
were, as will later tell the lawyers, “fabulously rich”. In December 2008
Elena rybolovleva filed for divorce, citing “prolonged period
strained marital relations”. In accordance with Swiss
by law each spouse is entitled to half
joint status. To decide which assets should be part of
the division was not so simple. Because wealth Rybolovlev
had multiplied, he had a complex network of offshore companies” – said on the website.

One of the offshore Rybolovlev was registered in 2002
Mossack Fonseca company Xitrans Finance Ltd in the British virgin
Islands. As stated in the ICIJ investigation, “the offshore company is not
more than a mailbox on a Sunny Tortola (the largest and most
inhabited island of the British virgin Islands. – in respect of assets were “mini-Louvre”:
Xitrans Finance Ltd owns paintings by Pablo Picasso, Amedeo
Modigliani, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, and Mark Rothko.
“It (the company) also acquired a Desk in the style of the era
Louis XVI, tables, and drawers made the greatest
the Paris masters,” – said in the investigation.

Ukrainian anti-corruption Bureau will not examine data on Panama offshore Poroshenko

Recalling e-mails received Mossack Fonseca, the authors
investigation argue that, when the marriage fell apart in divorce in 2009
year businessman used Xitrans Finance Ltd to take out these
luxuries from Switzerland to Singapore and London. Thus, according to
documents Mossack Fonseca, only Dmitry Rybolovlev owned shares
the company, despite Elena’s statement that Xitrans bought the assets “from its
behalf and on behalf of her husband.”

In 2014 after several years of litigation the Swiss court
Elena was awarded four and a half billion dollars. Later
the appellate court reduced this amount to $ 600 million. As
notes ICIJ, the lawyer Elena Rybolovleva in court papers
claimed that an offshore company controlled by key location,
use and storage of works of art total
the cost of 650 million dollars. Dmitry Rybolovlev and Elena
Rybolovlev refused to comment on the report, says ICIJ.

On Monday, 4 April, the representative of the Rybolovlev said RBCthat we are talking about “official offshore companies”,
information which is in the public domain and are “officially
was involved in various transactions”. The representative of the businessman has denied
the assumption that the businessman used these offshore accounts to
hide the picture from his ex-wife: “It’s all there in the history of the divorce.”

When was the division of property, rybolovleva accused her ex-husband,
he used “many third parties” to create a network
offshore holding companies and trusts to asset allocation, including
the number of works of art from his collection. In 2013, the Agency
reported that some of them, including paintings by van Gogh, Monet and
Picasso, owned Xitrans Finance Ltd, registered in
British virgin Islands, and is located in Singapore. Newspaper The
The Financial Times
wrote that Xitrans Finance Ltd acted
on behalf of the Cypriot trust, among the beneficiaries which is specified daughter
Rybolovlevym Catherine. In October 2015 Rybolovleva reported
reaching agreement on the terms of the divorce and withdrew all claims to

According to the magazine Forbes estimated Rybolovlev 8.5
billion dollars. In 2015 he was ranked in 14th place in the ranking
richest businessmen of Russia according to the publication.

“The Panama document” opened “mini-Louvre” billionaire Rybolovlev offshore in the British virgin Islands 04.04.2016

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