In Brazil, the special parliamentary Committee on impeachment on Monday upheld the dismissal of the President of the country Dilma Rousseff from office. For this decision voted 38 MPs, 27 voted against, reports Agencia Brasil.

According to the national legislation, the verdict of the Commission must be submitted to the plenary session of the lower house of Parliament. It is expected to vote on impeachment against Rousseff on April 17.

To continue the process of removal of the President from office requires a two-thirds majority of parliamentarians, that is 342 votes. If the number of supporters of impeachment in the lower house will be smaller, the process will be suspended. Otherwise, the final verdict on the suspension of the head of state will pass the Senate – the upper house of Parliament.

If Rousseff will be ousted from power, the country until the next elections in 2018 should be headed by the Vice President of Brazil Michel Temer. However, he is also threatened with the prospect of removal from office, notes TASS. April 5, the representative of the Federal Supreme court of Brazil Mark Aureliu Mello decided to start impeachment proceedings against Temer. In the case of impeachment and Vice President of the power to the Chairman of the lower house of the national Parliament Eduard Mustelid.

In early December last year, Cunha announced the beginning of the consideration of impeachment against the President. The speaker’s ruling was based on the request of the opposition, which has accused Rousseff in financial irregularities that, in their opinion, were made in budget allocation as during her previous presidential term, and in the first months of the second term.

As an argument in favor of the resignation of Rousseff cited the decision of the Federal court of audit of Brazil, which recommended to the Parliament to declare invalid the government’s financial statement for 2014.

The parliamentary Commission of Brazil voted for the impeachment of the President 12.04.2016

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