The Supreme court of Russia will consider on Tuesday, November 29, the claim of the Yabloko party to invalidate the results of the elections to the state Duma and the abolition of the corresponding resolution of the CEC which they were approved. Hearings will be held at 10:00 Moscow time, reported on the website of the court.

In its lawsuit, the party refers to the fact that during the election campaign were not provided equal access of candidates to the campaign and many media outlets under the guise of informing voters campaigned in favor of “United Russia”, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

In addition, the lawsuit States the absence of the “active reaction” to slander in the form of distribution of false leaflets and other campaign materials. The party also noted that in many regions of the Yabloko faced with opposition in the election protests: local authorities under different pretexts refused in the coordination of the pickets, and pickets “United Russia” was carried out without any administrative obstacles.

According to “Apple”, these violations prevent the actual will of the electorate, as they receive the information, the picture was severely distorted.

The party also pointed to serious limitations in monitoring the vote that, in its opinion, has made the procedure of voting and counting of votes is much less clear. Yabloko also complains that he was not proven cases of mass voting with absentee ballots in Moscow and allegations of violations of the order of the sorting and counting of ballots.

Member of the Central electoral Commission Alexander Kinev said that the arguments in the lawsuit are similar to the complaint that “Apple” was submitted to the Central election Commission (CEC) informed. Now, however, the party will present new evidence of violations, said Deputy Chairman of Yabloko Nikolai Rybakov. Earlier, the CEC in response to a complaint by Yabloko stated that the episodes of violations in the elections “the result of expression” is not affected.

Elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation were held on 18 September this year. According to their results, “United Russia” has received 343 mandate, the Communist party – 42, LDPR – 39, “Fair Russia” – 23. The Duma also passed the representative “Motherland”, the “Civic platform” and the independent candidate. None of the non-parliamentary parties participating in elections, could not overcome the five percent barrier for the Federal circuit. Yabloko received less than 2% of the vote.

The party “Yabloko”, do not fall into the state Duma, has challenged the election results in the Supreme court 28.11.2016

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