The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill on Sunday celebrated the 70th anniversary. The main events take place in Moscow, where on the occasion of the anniversary brought together the heads of the local churches. And on the eve of the Patriarch himself gave an interview to media in an unusual format: collected writing about the Church of journalists who have published in their editions one reply of Cyril to his question. This media strategy resulted in articles for the anniversary immediately in several publications: the official “Russian newspaper”, the tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda, in strips TASS and RIA “Novosti”.

Questions on the eve of the birthday, most was official: the dialogue of the churches, health and longevity, etc. However, the Patriarch again raised the issue of the rejection of abortion: has stated that to ban them until you can, but compared to the allocation of money for it from Fund of obligatory medical insurance with benefits on booze for alcoholics.

He said that was signed in September, a petition to ban abortions, because that is the position of the Church. However, he added that the ROC is “a realistic agenda” in the moment, to ban abortion impossible. “If the government says it’s your own business, it emphasizes his opposition to abortion. Well, because nobody helps, for example, alcoholics and drug addicts to buy alcohol and drugs at the expense of some insurance?! There is no such, because it is evil and harmful. And here cover General insurance abortion”, – quotes the Primate of the RICS Agency RBC.

The newspaper KP Patriarch said that the Church should not engage in a political dialogue: “I think that it is wrong for the Church to impose any obligations, duties, as it was in Soviet times, and to expect some participation in politics. That will come, the Patriarch will meet, will say something of what our politicians said. This is the wrong expectations. But the Church, no doubt, facilitate the establishment of cordial relations between people. I have always said that the dialogue between politicians is a dialogue at the level of intelligence, a dialogue between business – it is at the level of the stomach and the pocket. But the dialogue between the churches is a dialogue at the level of the heart.”

RG Cyril told the people that he is the hardest to forgive: “If a person is able to steal (when you trust him) or betray you (when you trust him), it’s very difficult to force myself then to love this person.” “If you want to double-check, ask those who communicate with me close to my employees. They are approximately know who I am right now. And to confirm: Yes, it is. I do not feel anger. Although very condemn such actions”, – said the Patriarch.

Putin congratulated

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill with his 70th birthday and noted his contribution to the development of interreligious and interethnic dialogue, said on Sunday the press service of the Kremlin.

In a telegram Putin stressed that the Church has devoted many years of selfless service to the Russian Orthodox Church, a consistent and solid protection of its values and ideals.

The Patriarch compared the payment of abortions from the health insurance Fund benefits on alcohol 20.11.2016

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