The U.S. Department of defense paid more than $ 500 million for the creation of a fake video “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia), creating a negative image of this terrorist group. Sometimes drives with a special player was used as beacons for strikes. It is reported in the Sunday edition of the publication The Daily Beast.

According to the publication, the British PR company Bell Pottinger has received from the Pentagon in the period from may 2007 to December 2011 540 million dollars for “information and psychological operations.”

A former employee of the PR company, video editor Martin wells said that his firm specialized in the creation of television commercials, the seller in a negative light, “al-Qaeda”, as well as news that was supposed to look like they “made on Arab television.” According to wells, PR sent crews to remove the consequences of terrorist attacks carried out by militants, and then mounted them as snippets of news stories. To them was added the sound track in Arabic and sent to local TV channels, reports TASS.

Wells also explained how they used the promotional videos of British manufacture. According to him, U.S. Marines planted the CDs with the videos in places where they carried out anti-terrorist RAID. “If they searched the house and was going to turn it upside down in search of any material, they just randomly dropped there CD,” explained wells.

In addition to the video, the CD was recorded player requiring Internet access. Information about the film read by Google Analytics, users can obtain a list of addresses of computers that watched the video. The list was classified. Wells argues that sometimes the places where you viewed the videos, “blow”.

A former employee of the British PR company emphasizes that the program was official: he and his colleagues at Bell Pottinger has worked with the military on an American military base in Baghdad. Firm, he said, reported on their work to the Pentagon, the CIA and the national security Council of the United States.

The Pentagon has confirmed the fact of cooperation with the British PR company in Iraq, said information portal. It stopped in 2011, when the United States announced the withdrawal of its troops from middle Eastern countries.

The Pentagon has paid millions for the creation of a fake video “al-Qaeda” 02.10.2016

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