In Iraq, the Islamists attacked the French special forces, using a new weapon – drones equipped with explosives. One such drones has been intercepted by the military on October 2, according to the French newspaper Le Monde.

According to her, the drone launched by militants associated with a terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, DAISH, is prohibited in Russia) exploded after landing on the ground. The explosion killed two people – the Kurdish militia (Peshmerga). Were also injured two French soldiers who had been sent for treatment in France. One of them, “is between life and death,” the newspaper said. A few soldiers were slightly injured.

The publication writes that it is unclear whether the explosive device detonated by remote control or timer. The French defense Ministry, the Iraqi army and Kurdish had no comment on the matter.

Only in Iraq there are about 500 French soldiers. They fight on the side of the international coalition led by the United States against the militants. Among them, special military forces, who train the Kurdish Peshmerga in the North of the country, Reuters reports.

The Pentagon has used in Iraq new weapons – drone Packed with explosives 12.10.2016

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