American reconnaissance satellite found above the Sinai thermal flash at the moment of the crash of the Russian passenger plane of airline “Kogalymavia”, but they may be related to the crash, told the TV channel ABC , a senior Pentagon spokesman. Meanwhile the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) can not yet confirm or refute the version of the flash.

The interlocutor of ABC said that the infrared satellite sensors designed to detect rocket launches, recorded outbreaks at the same time and in the same place, when the Sinai was flying a Russian plane. However, the American military said: if flash associated with
by plane, it may say that something happened in the air
or in the collision of the aircraft with the ground.

However, he noted that in the disaster area are observed clashes with the Islamists, therefore, fixed thermal flash could not be related to the accident flight. In addition, according to a source at the Pentagon, is unlikely to be the cause of the crash was a missile attack, since the satellite did not record the relevant trace.

At the same time, the Pentagon officially declined to comment on the CBS television report that a US satellite recorded a flash of heat over Sinai at the time of the crash “Kogalymavia”. “Sorry, I have nothing to say about it,” said RIA “Novosti” representative of the U.S. defense Department.

The A321 plane crash: all the news on the topic

Earlier, a source of TV channel NBC in the government of the USA declared that outbreak over the Sinai Peninsula may indicate that the explosion on Board the A321 either bombs or fuel tank.

In addition, the experts of the American analytical Agency Stratfor believes that the most likely cause of the crash of the Russian passenger plane to Egypt was carrying an explosive device on Board.

Your conclusion experts explain the limited prospects of alternative scenarios. Thus, when an electrical failure of the pilots still be able to maneuver, and the airplane flew without catastrophic consequences. In their view, it is also possible to exclude that the aircraft was shot down by militants from the earth, because the plane was outside the range of the weapon.

In the MAC yet to confirm nor deny the version about the flash of heat in the time of the crash A321. “We can neither confirm nor deny it,” reported TASS the representative of the Committee.

The A321 Plane Crash. Version

Aircraft companies “Kogalymavia”, EN route flight KGL9268 to St. Petersburg from Sharm El-Sheikh, crashed shortly after departure in the North Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. On Board were 224 people – 217 passengers, including 25 children, and seven crew members. They all died. Almost all the victims are Russians. Also on Board were four citizens of Ukraine and one passenger from Belarus.

The Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) the day after the disaster said that the A321 aircraft destroyed in the air. The wreckage of the aircraft was scattered over a large area.

Note that the rescuers found the tail of crashed eight kilometres from side. According to media reports, the airliner A321 damaged the tail in the incident at Cairo airport in 2001, and the damage could not definitively be eliminated.

In addition, an informed source in Cairo said earlier that the crew of the crashed in the Sinai liner A321 does not signal disaster to the ground.

Official comments on the results of the study “black boxes” of aircraft A321 yet. At the same time, an anonymous source told Reuters yesterday that, based on the data from flight recorders of the Russian aircraft was not subjected to external impact and the pilot had not filed a SOS signals to land managers up to the fall of the liner.

After the collapse of the A321 sources in Egypt has put forward a preliminary version of the disaster: technical problems.

The high probability that talked and a former employee of airline “Kogalymavia”. At the same time, company officials insisted that the 18-year-old liner was fully intact, and the crew was headed by an experienced commander.

Shortly thereafter, it was involved in the catastrophe declared “Islamic state”. The Ministry of transport in a strange recognition of the terrorists did not believe.

Yesterday in airline “Kogalymavia”, which owned the crashed plane, said that the sole cause of the crash could be a “mechanical effect in the air.” The representative of the carrier was excluded that the cause of the crash could be a technical fault of the aircraft or the pilots error.

The Pentagon: the flash over the Sinai might not be associated with the crash of Russian airliner 03.11.2015

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