In the skies over Syria in dangerous proximity to each other of flying military aircraft of Russian air force and the U.S. air force. On Friday, the us Lieutenant General Jeff Harrigan announced that the incident occurred on October 17, but still was not made public, reports CNN.

According to Harrigan, the Russian aircraft flew within 800 metres from the American military machine. The official representative of the U.S. air force announced that the American pilot tried to contact the Russian emergency communication channels, but his call was ignored.

The next day after the incident, on 18 October, the Pentagon contacted the Russian colleagues, who said that the pilot of the Russian fighter did not notice dangerous approach, said Harrigan, who has admitted that both aircraft flew off the lights.

In the Kremlin did not deny the message of the outspoken criticism of the military by Putin for provocation with the US ships

Harrigan noted that the risk of such incidents has increased in recent weeks in connection with the increasing presence of the U.S. air force in North-West Syria, where there is an operation for the release of militants of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (DAIS) of the city of raqqa.

Earlier the representative of the Central command of US forces (CENTCOM) John Thomas said that Washington is ready to improve the mechanism of communication with the Russian VKS, reminds Agency Reuters. Later, citing a source in the Pentagon told journalists that Washington insists that the dangerous rapprochement of planes have been non.

Reports of the incident in the skies over Syria appeared on the background of statements of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, who called for the continuation of active hostilities in Aleppo, noting that “terrorists have to finish”, and the opposition had enough time to dissociate.

“Today 10 days, as neither Russia nor Syria has not used its air and military space forces around Aleppo at all. And of course, during this period it was quite possible to understand at least the disengagement in Eastern Aleppo, not to mention other parts of Syria, although this task is very acute for other areas in the Syrian Arab Republic”, – said Lavrov.

On the eve of the world media were discussing another incident involving dangerous rapprochement of the Russian military and the United States. So, Bloomberg reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin is extremely sharply reacted to actions of the Ministry of defence during the incident in the Black sea when Russian military aircraft flew close to an American warship.

According to an unnamed senior Russian official, who referred journalists, Putin described the incident as “very risky.” In response to remarks by Russian officials that “the Americans deserved it”, the President said, “are You crazy?”

The President also called unacceptable the “clanking” of nuclear weapons. “To rattle nuclear weapons – the last thing. This harmful rhetoric, and I’m not welcome,” said he on the meeting of the discussion club “Valdai” (quoted by TASS). At the same time, he urged “to proceed from reality”, namely that nuclear weapons “is a deterrent and a factor for peace and security worldwide.”

The Pentagon told about the threat approaching aircraft of the Russian Federation and the United States in the skies over Syria 28.10.2016

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