The Department of culture of Moscow did not allow the performance “Pushkin and money” “Театра.doc” the Festival programme of theatre, which will take place in Day of Russia ” in the garden “Hermitage”.

The Director of the play Anastasia Patlay said in Facebookthat the show was removed from the program two days before the show, although the negotiations lasted for about three weeks.

“The organizers of the festival, which the Department has given a go-ahead, wrote to us, verbatim: “removed by censorship”. Is this the irony, of course, because in the play “Pushkin and money,” says and how the poet Alexander Pushkin suffered from censorship. The Department of culture of Moscow is not shy about these Parallels,” said the Director.

Patlay says that “Pushkin and money” is a family show without any policy, “in addition to the Decembrists. “Generally, we’re very upset. Love the garden “Hermitage” and sauntering the audience there. Some low people we were separated,” she says.

According to Colta, the performance “Pushkin and money” was first shown during the “Night of museums” in 2015. This is the first series of theatre educational series “the word and the thing” dedicated to famous writers and their relationship with the material world and attachment to certain things.

The play tells, “as in Pushkin’s time it was worth a shot, serf boy, one line of “Eugene Onegin”, rent bridesmaid dress, dueling pistols, lunch at a roadside Inn; and lacked any Pushkin his salary to five thousand roubles a year”.

The Festival theatre in the garden “Hermitage” claimed “the best independent theaters in the city, including the Stanislavsky electrotheatre, PARANORMA Street Theater and Theater. Alejandro Valensio.

The performance “Pushkin and money” was not included in the program of Day of Russia for censorship reasons 10.06.2016

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