In Colombia, published data on the conversations in the cockpit prior to the crash of the plane with the players of the Brazilian team, “Epicoene”: it turned out that the pilot immediately reported a shortage of fuel, which could lead to the delay in the appointment of the airport for an emergency landing. The plane eventually fell on the hillside, before reaching Medellin. Killed 71 people, six survived.

A pilot of the aircraft was pilot Miguel Quiroga. “Miss, Lamia 933 fully faulty, there is no electricity, no fuel,” he said on Board the plane, prompting an emergency landing, reports Reuters.

While the Colombian media pay attention to the fact that Quiroga said about the shortage of fuel and the failure of the power supply system in just a few minutes after requested a “priority landing”.

The head of the civil aviation authority of Colombia Alfredo Bocanegra suggested that Quiroga may fear consequences for themselves and the airline Lamia, a shareholder of which he was.

“Technical language in aviation is very accurate, seconds count. Indeed, if there is a request for priority is not the same as an emergency situation”, – quotes the official “Interfax”. According to him, if the pilot immediately reported a shortage of fuel, the dispatcher would have immediately cleared the runway for landing at the nearest airport.

According to one version, Quiroga was afraid that the airlines will have to pay fines, and he can deny the right of piloting. “It is regrettable that he was not informed about the emergency situation due to personal problems he had to face then,” – said the head of the aviation Agency.

Initially, about a possible engine failure of the aircraft reported by witnesses of the accident: in the last moments the plane was flying at a low altitude, but the sound of working turbines was not audible.

The plane of the Bolivian airline Lamia crashed near the town of El Gordo near the municipality of La unión (Antioquia) on Monday. According to specified data, onboard there were 77 people, including 22 players of the Brazilian football club “Epicoene”. In the crash survived six people.

Brazil declared three days of mourning for the victims of aviastroy.

At the stadium in Medellin said goodbye to the dead

Ceremony in memory of the dead in plane crash the Brazilian football team “Epicoene” was held Wednesday night at the stadium in the Colombian city of Medellin, reports RIA “Novosti”.

At this stadium the lost team, which survived only three players had to play against the local “Atletico Nacional”.

To pay tribute to the victims of the plane crash gathered thousands of people, the stadium was filled almost completely. The fans of atlético brought Brazilian flags, flowers, posters with words of support friends of the victims, white and green balloons in the colors of the lost team.

“Football has no borders, strength to you, family, fans, and residents Chapeco”, – reads the inscription on the huge banner stretched across one stand of the stadium.

The pilot crashed in Colombia, the plane had not reported a shortage of fuel 01.12.2016

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