According to the first data exit polls, the Pirate party of Iceland received 18 percent of the vote in the parliamentary elections, held last Saturday, reports TASS.

Thus, the Pirate party can expect to 12 seats in the 63-seat unicameral Parliament – the Althingi. For comparison, in the 2013 elections, which the party first, she barely overcame the electoral threshold from 5.1% of the vote.

The best result shows the ruling in the coalition’s center-right independence Party from 27.1%, which will have 19 seats in the Althing. Her Union, the Progressive party won 6 mandates, gaining 9.4% of the votes. Total the members of the coalition will be 25 seats in Parliament.

Members of the opposition Alliance, led the pirates can count on 32 seats. The social democratic Alliance gained 7.4% of the vote (5 seats), the Movement of the left “green” – 16,4% (11 mandates), and the party “Bright future” – 6,7% (4 mandates).

The counting of votes has just begun, announced the Icelandic media results are only preliminary. Also, there is no data on turnout: 2 hours before the polls closed in the capital Reykjavik – it was 61%.

Parliamentary elections in Iceland was initiated after the resignation of Prime Minister Sigmundur of Gunnlaugsson because of the scandal with “the Panama document”. One of the main intrigue connected with the result of the Pirate party of Iceland, which aspires to the formation of a government, professing the ideas of direct democracy, that is, the majority of matters to a national referendum. In addition, the pirates demand the introduction of 35-hour work week and the legalization of drugs.

Before the vote, the Pirate party took the second place in popularity among voters, it was supported by more than 20% of voters. Independence party showed a result of 25%.

The pirate party of Iceland holds the second place in the parliamentary elections 30.10.2016

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