Police Sakhalin apologized three residents of Sakhalin
Caucasian appearance, photos that this past weekend
appeared in social networks in the profile search members
the terrorist group allegedly arrived on the island. About it reports a press-service regional Department of internal Affairs.

Orientation appeared for training purposes and for internal use during anti-terrorist exercises, said the Ministry of internal Affairs across the Sakhalin region.

“In the context of the exercise in tracing individuals that may be
involved in illegal activities, were distributed
orientation for a group of persons wanted in the Sakhalin region. From
behalf of the management Department of the MIA of Russia in Sakhalin region
officially apologize to the citizens whose images were
used for exercises, as well as to the residents of the island
region for causing trouble,” – said in the message.

According to”Interfax”, the orientation caused a real stir among the local population and relatives of Sakhalin, which is recorded in “action”.

In the guidance, signed by senior Lieutenant ESD OMWD for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, in particular, it was reported that the criminal investigation Department of the city on 22 October reported that Sakhalin “came from a group of natives of Dagestan of three people to commit terrorist acts on the territory of the Sakhalin region”.

In the text called the name of one of Sakhalin, which, as noted,
available information “may be in areas with large
concentrations of people” and stated the need to establish its
location and delivery to the police.

In the profile under the pictures of Sakhalin were listed the names
the real militants, liquidated in early September in Izberbash and Makhachkala – Magomed Umakhanov Alimbekova and Rashid.

As reported SakhalinMediaover the weekend on all the social networks and groups in WhatsApp the residents of Sakhalin were sent fliers with pictures of three young people. In orientation it was stated that the men arrived on Sakhalin from Dagestan to carry out terrorist attacks.

Of Sakhalin, and the pictures were placed in the targeting, found out in the social networks of their acquaintances. According to press reports, all three had lived a long time in the region.

One of the friends of the young men told SakhalinMedia that the orientation has no relation to reality and the photo shows the “regular Sakhalin athletes”. The Agency suggested that it was “just somebody’s bad joke.” In a press-service UMVD of the Sakhalin oblast neither confirm nor deny this information did not, however later there was an official apology.

On Monday, the victims filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s office and told reporters that the orientation with their pictures has appeared in Dagestan and in other regions of the country. Victims have demanded from law enforcement agencies in the region to give a formal refutation of the guidelines, explaining that now fear to travel outside of Sakhalin region.

The police apologized to the residents of Sakhalin, which for the sake of the exercise made the list of “insurgents” in Dagestan 25.10.2016

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