The case brought against the students of MGIMO Thomas levieva, who arranged road accident on the Crimean bridge, is closed behind reconciliation of the parties, the Life citing sources in GSU Ministry of internal Affairs in Moscow. Dubbed by the press as “diamond boy,” Leviev has paid to the victims financial compensation and apologized.

Resonant road accident captured by traffic cameras, occurred on the night of 16 October last year. 18-year-old Leviev, who did not receive a driver’s license, drove a Ferrari. He’s picked up, and then at the entrance to the Crimean bridge tried to Dodge going ahead of the car. A rebuild in the right lane the car skidded, he hit the curb and ricocheted off into the oncoming lane, where it hit two cars and caught fire.

The most serious damage was a citizen of France Philip Peters, who was in the passenger seat of the affected Ford. His lawyers first brought the statement to the investigator of GSU, which implies that he fully renounced his claims to Thomas Leviev.

The driver of the Ford Ildar Khamitov also renounced claims a few months after Philip received millions in compensation. “Party levieva in full satisfied the wishes of the victims and paid them damage. The reconciliation of the parties the case was dismissed,” – said a source in law enforcement bodies.

We will remind that the Investigatory Committee has actively followed this resonant case, and comment on the investigation. In particular, the former official representative of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin said that the relatives and friends of the family levieva “very carefully tried to hide the age of the young man, his nationality and other information”.

“Leviev is not even a citizen of Russia, and has Israeli citizenship. The law, unfortunately, does not allow us to engage in “education” of teenagers and their parents. But such behavior, obviously, they are a challenge to our society: Junior without a license endangers the lives of dozens of citizens, and the elder accompanied by together with security and encourages thus his “pranks”. And, of course, arises a rhetorical question: how dared they so “naughty” in the state whose citizens they are? I doubt it. They would be there “parked” more disperse”, – said Markin.

TFR also investigated the events that followed the accident, namely the attack of the guard levieva – 44-year-old Alexander Mirilashvili on journalists, as well as his attempt to run over a police officer. The latest incident occurred at the hospital Sklifosovsky, where hospitalized the driver of the car. Ultimately, the court sentenced Mirilashvili to two years of imprisonment.

The police closed the case “diamond boy”, staged a high-profile accident with Ferrari 24.10.2016

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