Published on the Internet a video with the arrest of the driver and his companion policemen in Irkutsk region caused a scandal. The footage shows how the guards grabbed the hands of the citizens, beat them and handcuff them. Neither the driver nor his accompanying the girl did not resist.

In the leadership of the Moi in the Irkutsk region consider that the police acted within the law. “The actions of the police lawful and appropriate in the current situation”, – quotes review of the press service of the regional police.

Resonated video lasting two minutes 40 seconds, was filmed with surveillance cameras with two points. The frame featured a man and a young woman in civilian clothes and three men in police uniform.

Judging by the video, the pair in civilian clothes not only did not resist, but not even trying to escape. The man and woman ran to the checkpoint train station in Ust-Ilimsk and stood near the booth with a janitor. Probably they hoped that witnesses in a public place the police will not behave too roughly.

Behind the couple in the lobby broke into three cops. Two of them began to beat the alleged infringer, did he trip and fell to the floor with cocked hands. Then on the wrists of the detainee latched the handcuffs.

Companion detainee tried to depart aside, but one of the policemen ran up to her from behind, stabbed the girl and then pushed her to the wall. Then the guards continued beating of a young woman wrung her hands back, forced to go in a bent position, and put her in handcuffs.


From the explanations of the author of the video States that the passenger “firmly pushed” the inspector Babak Ibayev.

The police confirmed the arrest, which occurred on the night of June 18. According to the interior Ministry, the arrested man was driving a Ford ignored the requirement of employees of traffic police about a stop and only increased the speed. The chase began.

The driver of a foreign car “repeatedly violated the rules of the road and threatened the life and health of other participants of traffic”, according to police. In the end the inspector decided to use his gun to stop the vehicle.

The policeman warned the driver-offender of the intention to start shooting, but he continued moving. After warning shots were fired at the car wheels. Only after that the car managed to block. All this backstory is left over published video.

In GU Ministry of internal Affairs, commenting on the incident, said that the detained driver received five days of arrest. They also believe the dissemination of the scandalous video in the Network as a provocation, inspired by the detainees.

“Restraining of offenders, the staff could not know the reasons for their inappropriate behavior, they could commit a crime, or could be armed… And now the “offended” are spreading this video on social networks and the media, but somehow never talk about your own behavior. And what would you do in this situation to the police?” – ask a rhetorical question in a press-service of the regional Moi.

However, the police did not explain why strict measures and special means were applied not only to the driver and his passenger who is not responsible for traffic violations.

After the arrest of the driver of the Ford was attracted to administrative responsibility on four articles, one of which Ust-Ilimsk court for disobeying the lawful demands of a police officer in the performance of his official duties he was sentenced to five days of arrest.

The police of the Irkutsk region called for adequate action cops, the tough arrested the driver and passenger (VIDEO) 01.07.2016

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