The Commission on monumental art at Moscow city Duma on Tuesday, 24 November, is considering installing in a Park named Bulgakov on the Patriarchal ponds of the monument to the writer. The website reports that the Moscow government supports the initiative.

If the project is approved, the financing will be engaged in international charitable Foundation. Tchaikovsky. The author of the sculpture will be made by the academician of the Russian Academy of arts Georgi Frangulyan.

The size of the monument has not been determined, presumably its height will be one and a half human growth. Bulgakov put on a stucco pedestal in the form of manuscripts. The sculptor intends to represent his 40 years. “He will coat, under the coat – suit, in hand – hat. In teeth – a cigarette,” says Frangulyan.

When the memorial opens, while it is impossible to say. “The Commission meeting is the stage of preliminary selection of the architectural concept, after which it undergoes arts Council and according to the results issued the administrative document of Moscow mayor that will define all installation options, including possible”, – explained in the Department of cultural heritage.

Next may will mark the 125th anniversary since the birth of the writer. In anticipation of that date, the Moscow city government has assigned the square, located near Patriarch’s ponds, at the intersection of Petrovka and greater Kozikhinsky lanes, the name of Mikhail Bulgakov.

It is on the Patriarchal ponds the action begins the most famous works of Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita”. In 2012, a few admirers of the writer established
ponds next to the road sign which shows the silhouettes of the heroes of the novel is Woland, the cat Behemoth and Koroviev. Under the sign placed on the support plate with the words: “it is Forbidden to talk to strangers”. Moscow authorities decided to dismantle the unique sign, considering it is a good reminder of the immortal work.

The need for installation of a monument to Michael Bulgakov on the historical place was discussed earlier. As passed “Interfax”, in 2000, sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov has decided to decorate the Patriarch’s ponds complex design. As planned, Bulgakov had to sit on a broken bench on the shore of the pond, and Joshua to go on non-freezing water from the shore, and in the air soaring 12-metre Primus, accessible to visitors and decorated with scenes from “the Master and Margarita”. Thus the sculptor intended to represent the three worlds – the biblical world and the world of evil Muscovites.

Against the idea were made by a number of artists, including Michael Ulyanov, Vladimir Spivakov, Sergei Mikhalkov, Lyudmila Gurchenko and many Muscovites who considered that the installation of a huge stove, personifying the evil spirits, is disrespectful of the feelings of believers.

The pond can put a monument to Bulgakov with a cigarette in teeth 25.11.2015

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