Pope Francis has arrived with unexpected visit to destroyed by a strong earthquake in the Italian town of Amatrice. As noted by the AP, one of the most affected by the disaster the city is still closed some streets for safety reasons.

The Pontiff arrived, accompanied by the Bishop of Rieti. He began his visit in this part of Central Italy with a visit to the local school. After that I planned to get to the ruined part of the city.

Earlier, Pope Francis spoke about his intention to visit the earthquake zone in August of this year. However, the exact date he was called, the Pope noted that he would like to arrive alone, to be closer to the people.”

In early September, Pope Francis met in the Vatican with a dog that participated in the search operation after the earthquake and rescued four-year-old girl from the rubble. The Pontiff shook the dog’s paw and thanked the volunteers and police who helped in the rescue of people.

On August 24, when the earthquake occurred, Pope Francis, addressing tens of thousands of people in St. Peter’s square in Rome, interrupted his speechto pray with them about the victims of the disaster.

On August 27 in Italy was declared a national mourning for the victims of the earthquake. The disaster has led to significant damage in several small towns, including Accumuli and Amatrice. The earthquake claimed nearly 300 lives, more than 400 people were injured, about two and a half thousand homeless.

The Pope arrived in was badly damaged by the earthquake in the Italian town of Amatrice 04.10.2016

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