The famous figure skater Tatiana Navka, the wife of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, in the framework of the ice show performed the number of love prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. Her dance partner was the actor Andrey burkovsky. In his Instagram Navka explained that it was a terrible time we should “know and remember”, but the statement caused a mixed reaction in social networks.

Performance of Sunday, June Bourkovski aired the evening of November 26 in the “Ice age”. Based on numbers, as explained skater, her favorite movie “Life is beautiful”. The film is based on the biography of Rubino Romeo Salmoni Italian Jew, Auschwitz prisoner, who described his stay in the death camp in the book “I beat Hitler”.

Video of the speech posted on the channel’s website. Navka and burkovsky dancing in striped prison uniforms with sewn on them yellow stars of David the song Beautiful that Way. Trainer pair was the famous figure skater Ilya Averbukh. The judges of the show appreciated the artistry and technique of the performers on a maximum six points.

Harsh reviews about the room gathered website MeadiaLeaks: during the turbulent and often obscene discussions, the performers offered “to starve a couple of months” or to complete the room the gas chamber. From the video, published on the official channel of the “Ice age” on YouTube, also dominated by negative assessment.

The President of Fund “Holocaust” Alla Gerber, the room commented on radio “Moscow speaking”, urged not to take the situation so clearly. “The subject is so sore, so bloody how to handle it, what are the criteria? First of all, it seems to me, should not be a dig, it should not be irony, there should be a curve of a smile”. However, she stressed that “even in the most terrible conditions, people continued to live until the last minute… they wrote, they sang, they loved”.

“The Holocaust is not only destruction. This is a huge resistance, spirit resistance of human qualities, resistance of human dignity. If in this dance on the Holocaust, had it all, I have nothing bad in it do not see,” – said Gerber.

The Holocaust is the common term for the genocide of Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators in 1933-1945. According to rough estimates, the victims of the killings and the system of concentration camps of death were about 6 million people.

The post on “the First channel” performed a dance about love in a Nazi concentration camp 27.11.2016

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