President and General Director of basketball CSKA Andrey Vatutin disappointed by the negative reaction of some people in the presentation of commemorative medals “For the capture of Berlin” the fans of CSKA who have supported the team final of the Euroleague match against Turkish “Fenerbahce” (101:96).

In his opinion, an attempt to denigrate the presentation of awards to the fans is hypocritical.

Vatutin reminded that the idea of awarding souvenir medals (PHOTO), which would experiencing per team for the Final four once again feel involved in the victory, came to the club back in 2008. Then the medal “For the capture of Madrid” was enthusiastically adopted by all the fans.

“Perhaps the wording “For the capture of Berlin” someone is of a particular Association, but it is only a city of the “Final four” with this medal we associate only with basketball as a positive development, a large, bright sports and long-awaited victory. It is a pity that someone our move was perceived negatively,” – said the President of CSKA in an interview with TASS.

Their indignation at the awarding of medals was expressed by the former head of RBF Sergey Chernov, the quadruple Olympic champion on biathlon Alexander Tikhonov, the Deputy of the state Duma Igor Lebedev and eks-the defender of CSKA Vladimir Ponomarev. There were figures, not found in this action nothing wrong with that.

Vatutin reminded critics that CSKA has always emphasized its relationship with the Soviet and Russian army and its history and more than respectful to the memory of our soldiers. The club are proud of the Victory in the great Patriotic war and honor the memory of the fallen in battles for the Motherland.

“Unfortunately, in our lives today, so much hypocrisy and lies that the interpretation of history with a souvenir medal looks like an attempt to find a black cat in a certain place. CSKA won the Euroleague, won the Russian basketball, and all those who supported us, worthy praise,” – said the President of CSKA.

The President of basketball CSKA had to make excuses for the medal “For the capture of Berlin” 06.10.2016

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