The President of Brazil Michel Temer accused of attempted bribery of a witness, Eduardo Cunha, a former speaker of the lower house of Parliament and the initiator of the impeachment of the ex-head of state Dilma Rousseff. The TV station Globo reported that the owners of the company JBS brothers Batista passed on to the Federal Supreme court video.

“You have to hide it, okay?”, – Temer said on the recording. On the other part of the video you can see one of the advisers to the President, Rodrigo Rocha Loures, puts a large sum of money in the bag.

What wasn’t supposed to tell Cunha, is unclear, says Reuters.

Brothers Baptiste, to disclose the record is owned by the company JBS – one of the world’s largest beef producers.

After the information about the video were published by the media, most of the deputies left the Parliament and regular meeting of that body was suspended, reports TASS.

On Wednesday evening local time at the residence of Temer – Palace of Planalto in the capital Brasilia began to gather dozens of protesters who demand his resignation. The Deputy from opposition party “Redi” Alessandra Molon wrote to the President of the lower house of Parliament Rodrigo Maya request of impeachment of Temer

Temer rejects allegations of attempted bribery Cunha. A statement released on Wednesday by the press service of the head of state: “President Michel Temer never asked to pay for the silence of the former Deputy Eduardo Cunha. He was not involved and did not give permission for any actions that were designed to prevent cooperation of the ex-parliamentarian with justice.” The fact of the meeting, referred on the record, the office confirmed.

The role of Mustelids in the impeachment of Rousseff

In December 2015 Cunha, who was then a post of the speaker of the lower house, took into consideration the request of the opposition, accusing Dilma Rousseff in financial irregularities in the allocation of budget funds. They initiated the impeachment process led to the change of power in the South American country. Cunha later called the decision his main achievement in the high post.

In turn, the former President of the Republic and its supporters argue that the former speaker was guided solely by motives of revenge: Rousseff and the ruling at the time the workers ‘ Party refused to support Qunu in the parliamentary Council on ethics, where he was started an anti-corruption investigation.

March 30 this year, the former speaker was sentenced to 15 years and four months in prison on charges of corruption.

The President of Brazil accused of trying to bribe a witness. There is a record 18.05.2017

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