The President of Catalonia, Carles Pujdeme 10 October addressed a speech to the local Parliament, in which he asked to postpone the Declaration of independence of the region for a few weeks to negotiate with the Spanish authorities. It is stated in the text broadcast of the BBC.

Putteman said that the Catalan government will negotiate with the government of Spain, after which it will be possible to declare the independence. It was expected that in his today’s speech Pujdeme declared independence on the basis of the results of the referendum held on 1 October.

In his speech to the Catalan Parliament Putteman said “we are 18 again,” requested the Spanish authorities to hold a referendum, which was held in Scotland. “We were denied over and over again,” said Pujdeme.

“The ballots said “Yes” to independence. This is the path I intend to follow. At this historic moment I, as President of Catalonia want to follow the will of the people who want to Catalonia became an independent state,” he continued.

According to Pokdemon, Catalonia will become an independent state with a Republican form of government. However, he announced that local authorities postpone the announcement of independence by several weeks, because I want to conduct a “rational dialogue with the Spanish authorities”.

“We’re not crazy. We are not rebels. We are ordinary people who want to vote. We have nothing against Spain. On the contrary, we are committed to improving our mutual understanding”, – said the President of Catalonia.

A few hours before the statement Pokdemon the head of the European Council Donald Tusk called on the leader of Catalonia to declare independence from Spain. Tusk said that the Declaration of independence would be “bad news for Europe”.

Before the performance of the Catalan leader of the American newspaper The New York Times called the upcoming speech Pokdemon “turning point” in the crisis after the referendum. Journalists predicted that the President of Catalonia will choose the intermediate tactics and will publish a watered-down Declaration that leaves space for negotiations with Madrid.

On Sunday, October 8, tens of thousands of people gathered in Central Barcelona to protest against plans by Catalonia to declare independence after unrecognized referendums.

Last week, the head of Catalonia Pujdeme offered the Madrid talks. Prime Minister Rajoy, in turn, saidthat nothing to say against the backdrop of threats will not, and he threatened to dissolve the rebel government – this possibility is spelled out in the Constitution.

In Catalonia on 1 October passed a vote on the question of secession from Spain. The participants were of 2.26 out of 5.31 million eligible voters went to the Catalans. If 90% of the participants voted for independence. In Madrid consider the referendum illegitimate and refusing to recognize its results.

The President of Catalonia has asked Parliament to postpone the Declaration of independence 11.10.2017

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