Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced on Thursday, October 13, on the extension of ceasefire between the government and the “Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia” (FARC) to end of the year, reports Reuters.

According to Santos, he made the decision after meeting with the student leaders, who held marches in Bogota, to Express support for the peace agreement with the rebels.

It is noted that the ceasefire may be extended in the future, however, Santos expressed hope that by the end of the next period of its validity will be made agreement on the final cessation of hostilities.

June 24, 2016 the government of Colombia and FARC militants of the organization entered into a ceasefire agreement. The historic document was signed by the leftist rebel leader Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri (also known under the Callsign “Tymoshenko”) and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

Agreements include the disarmament of rebels and their temporal concentration in 23 areas of the country, which will create eight special camps for the gradual reintegration of ex-fighters of the FARC into civilian life. Disarmament to them is diverted 180 days. Confrontation between Colombian authorities and left-wing extremists from the FARC lasted more than 50 years.

October 7, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel peace prize for the year 2016. The Nobel Committee noted that it was awarded for the achievement of a truce in a protracted civil war.

The President of Colombia, extended the ceasefire with the FARC until the end of the year 14.10.2016

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