Reporting and election conference of Federation of Boxing Russia (FBI) Thursday at its meeting in Moscow Eduard Khusainov was elected the new President of the organization. For Khusainova voted 39 delegates from 44, reports TASS.

As head of the FBI previously had four candidates: ex-President of FBI Edward Khusainov and Evgeny Murov, President of the Moscow regional Federation of Boxing Sergey Danilov and a representative of the organization Evgeny Kotlyar. The acting head of the FBI Boris Ivanjuzhenkov not run for a new term.

The Executive Committee of the FBI has repeatedly endured the election of a new President and finally appointed them on February 1, however, a number of delegates took the decision to gather in Moscow for the conference November 17 – this date was assigned before. For the legitimacy of the elections was the necessary 50 percent quorum plus one vote. In the building of the ROC on Thursday gathered 44 representatives from 84 regional federations.

The election of the candidates were present Khusainov and Danilov, who took the rejection. According to the results of the secret ballot, Khusainova the votes of 39 delegates for Murov – three, Kotlyar – 0. Two delegates abstained.

During the conference, the police received a message that the building of the Olympic Committee of Russia the bomb. The police examined the room, but explosives have not found.

Earlier on the official FBI website reported on the postponement of the report-election conference of the FBI on February 1, 2017. Conduct other activities were declared illegal.

The President-elect admits that the election results can be challenged, but he was confident of their legitimacy and called on the dissidents to rally around him.

“Let them protest. We tried to do the right thing. We did not have enough voices, we wanted to hold a meeting, not a conference. And when I entered the Yakuts voting, everyone applauded. We tried to do everything as honestly as possible. If this voice was not if there was something wrong, we wouldn’t have this conference, and would have appointed a special conference. Then came another voice, St. Petersburg”, – quotes Khusainova “R-Sport”.

Recall Khusainov has headed the Federation since 2000 to 2007, and then left the post at own will.

“Due to the fact that not all the Federation we thought alike, we need to merge it, to forget who was for and who is against. We need to unite and get to work. One is unable to do anything the team can do anything. Therefore, those who were not present, I want to invite my team to work for the benefit of Russian Boxing,” added the new head.

The President of Federation of Boxing of Russia Edward Khusainov has chosen 17.11.2016

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