The President of Indonesia Joko Widodo in an interview with the BBC commented on the introduction of a law on chemical castration of pedophiles, which has caused many complaints from human rights defenders and medics. According to him, this measure can eradicate crimes against sexual integrity of children. Widodo said that Indonesia respects human rights, “but when it comes to sexual offences, compromise has no place”, reports BBC Russian service.

The controversial law was passed in October, after heated debates in Parliament. Now paedophiles can be sentenced to death or subjected to chemical castration and sent to prison for two years. Association of medical doctors of Indonesia has stated its refusal to comply with the law, because the procedure is submitted to the medical ethics.

President Widodo explained his position: “We are strong and we will firmly stand your ground. For crimes of a sexual nature will apply the maximum punishment.”

As pointed out by opponents of the law, chemical castration is an irreversible process, libido can be restored through hormone therapy. To cure pedophilia is thus also impossible.

We will remind, in Russia also continue to discuss such measures as chemical castration of those who committed crimes of a sexual nature. In April the Committee of the state Duma did not support the bill. Last week, Senator Elena Mizulina, who is the developer of the existing Criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation, suggested to enter lifelong administrative supervision for pedophiles.

“This is because we are usually talking about the repeat offenders. An important step is to have a system of electronic bracelets for pedophiles that law enforcement agencies were tracking all the movements of these individuals and they were not allowed contact with children after his release from prison. The period during which the pedophile is under the scrutiny of law enforcement, must depend on the gravity of his crimes. But it needs to be at least 10 years”, – said Mizulina.

The President of Indonesia supported the controversial law on chemical castration of pedophiles 19.10.2016

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