Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in an interview with Danish TV channel TV2 said that Europe as a political force is currently absent in the international arena. In his opinion, its status as the European Union has lost since the beginning of operations in Iraq in 2003.

Answering the question of whether Denmark and the Danish people are the enemy of Syria, Assad said he did not consider the Danish side hostile. “They (citizens of Denmark. – Approx. our friends,” he assured the Syrian leader, explaining that it was all politics of the European Union as a whole.

According to him, “there is a big difference between them (European Nations. – Approx. and the policy of their governments”.

“The fact that Europe currently is missing on the political map of the world, – said the Syrian leader. – This happened back in 2003, when it began operation in Iraq. Europe was forced to go with the Americans, and have not chosen an independent political path”. Some States of Europe, he added, “even do not dare to elect a separate independent course in politics.”

Also Bashar al-Assad said that he and his government enjoy the support of compatriots. “If I did not enjoy the support of the Syrian people, I would not be here as President; and the President, and the government supported by the Syrians,” he said (quoted by TASS).

Assad also said that the accusations against the authorities in the deliberate destruction of infrastructure, hospitals and schools on the territory of the Republic are false. “Such actions are absolutely not in our interests,” he said.

“I do not deny the mistakes that can make all people”, – added the President of Syria. In his opinion, it is necessary to divide “the total rejection of the policy” (his country. – Approx. and “recognition errors”.

At the end of September Assad gave an interview to the news Agency AP. He commented on the shooting incident, a humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Syrian branch of the red Crescent society. According to him, it is necessary to prosecute terrorists.

He accused the US of disrupting the cease – fire in Syria. According to Assad, any statements of the us officials “not trustworthy” and are “simply false.” He noted that the U.S. has “no desire” to work with Russia to counter the extremists in Syria.

The President of Syria “didn’t see” Europe on the map of political forces 06.10.2016

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